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Week 29 ~ May 14
~ Flooding

I'm not sure if you've seen on the news, but New England has had non-stop rain for a few days. We just happen to be one of the lucky towns that has been classified a "disaster area" and has been shut down to any non-emergency vehicles or non-residence coming through.

Last October we saw some flooding as well but nothing like this. We have a pond on our side yard that is fed by a small stream. By Sunday evening the pond had inched its way up the hill and was 10ft away from our house. The stream, now a raging river, had completed covered our 6ft satellite dish that stands on a pole on our side yard. I was a nervous wreck because I thought for sure that the water would eat away at the hill and our house would come collapsing down and be swept away by the water.

We had the National Guard camped out at the foot of our driveway for a few nights and they were able to leave and re-open some roads by Monday. (Although the town has yet to pick up their porta-potty they left in our front yard!) We were extremely lucky in that we had no water in our basement and our house didn't come collapsing down. We have quite a mess to pick up as the river brought debris and dead trees that are now caked into our trees, bushes, and yard from the ground to 8 feet up. Everything is brown and I worry that there won't be anything alive underneath the debris. Although I really can't complain because there are so many that were not as fortunate as us and will have to rebuild. These families are in our thoughts and prayers as they struggle to clean up after the water has resided.

On the baby front no big news to report. I am still struggling at night to get a decent night's sleep. It seems as soon as I lie down in any position the heartburn increases and I can't seem to get enough air. I end up falling asleep sitting up only to wake up when I start to fall over. I figure this is nature's way of preparing me for the lack of sleep that is soon to come. It feels as though I am carrying pretty high, there is a constant pressure under my rib cage. Maybe her little feet enjoy being tucked up and away?

I still am waiting to hear if my family will be having a baby shower for us. We purposely did not have a bridal shower before the wedding because I knew that we would be needing baby items soon and these would be more important. Also, I didn't want to ask so much of everyone. A lot of times I feel like many couples nowadays have bridal showers and Jack and Jill parties, on top of the wedding (which guests also bring gifts to!) and it seems more like a money making event than a celebration of the couple!

So, I didn't want people to feel bombarded with all these events (wedding/baby) one after another. So, even if we don't have the shower I am thankful that we were given so many great hand me down items we will still have the necessities!

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