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Melissa's Pregnancy Journal

Week 30 ~ May 18
~ A little Uncomfortable

This week I feel like my body has suddenly proclaimed "I'm done with being pregnant!" I do a lot of sitting during the day, and I have this constant pressure at the end of my spine that is so painful. I try to walk around as much as I can at work, and during lunch I go home and walk the dog, and even that has become painful on the rear! The heartburn/breathing/sleeping issues still remain and I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever make it to week 40!

It has finally hit us that we are going to be parents in a matter of months. We still feel like we have growing up to do ourselves so we are very unsure of how we will be as parents. But, like many couples, parenting is something that people learn as they go. I am just so eager to meet this little one, and see what he/she looks like. There are just so many things I worry about. I hope I will be as good a mother as my mother, I hope we will be able to financially support our child through college, I hope we will give our child a wonderful childhood, and I hope we will be able to raise this child as an honest, and caring person. There are just too many things to list.

Sometimes we feel like we haven't gotten to be newlyweds very long either. Although we've been together for almost nine years, we've really grown up together and haven't been an adult couple for very long. We didn't get to do our big honeymoon trip, and other than a Disney trip (with my parents!) and a couple of sailing trips; we haven't gone anywhere together by ourselves. People tell us that there are always anniversary trips we can do down the road, and this is true, but will we be okay moving so quickly from the two we're still becoming, to a family of three? I'm sure these are common worries among all first time expectant mothers, but it has been something that I've been thinking about a lot lately.

Next week I have a prenatal appointment and Chris's brother and family coming to visit. They recently moved a good distance away and Chris has really missed having them around. I feel really bad because when he has heavy lifting to do or some yard work he needs help with there is only so much I can do. Carrying furniture downstairs is out of the question, and he used to have his brother help him when they lived close by. This has been another problem of ours since moving to our own home. We have not found any "friends" or other young couples to get together with. Our neighbors pretty much keep to themselves and are all in their 40's or 50's with grown children. At work I work with an older crowd as well and Chris's coworkers live in another state (he commutes) so it would be hard to get together with them. My feeling is that once we have the baby we will meet couples with children of a similar age and I'm sure we'll make friends that way . . . I hope!

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