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Melissa's Pregnancy Journal

Week 33
~ Testing

At this past week's prenatal visit at the midwifery I was told that my next visit would consist of the Group B Strep test. The midwife explained that many doctors require the test but they will support my decision if I decide to take or not take the test. The midwife told me a bit about what the test is for, that many women have the bacteria and that it will not harm you, but there is a chance that it could harm the baby. I reviewed the brochure and it looks like between 10-20% of all women have the bacteria, and that only 10% of babies born to this group of mothers that test positive for the bacteria will have side effects. As I read on I looked over "vaginal and anal swabs required." Yikes!! I've asked around and no one I know has had to take this test. I'm not sure why doctors are requiring, my Mum thinks it is because they are getting more and more cautious about lawsuits filed against their practices. Who knows . . . but I'm not sure I want to go through more testing.

Chris and I toured the maternity center at the hospital we will be giving birth in. The suites were large and comfortable and the bathrooms each had a whirlpool bath which I am looking forward to. I've been thinking more and more about who I want in the room during the delivery. I know there are quite a few family members who want to be present, which right now makes me a bit uncomfortable but I'm sure by then it won't bother me in the least during the birth and I'll be glad they were able to be a part of the birth.

While we were at the hospital there was a preemie in the nursery. The nurse that was giving the tour said that this was really rare as most of the infants "room in." There were three nurses all for the little guy! The little one was so small he looked to be about 4 pounds, about the same size that ours would be about this time. It was a real awakening to think that inside of me was a little person about the same size as the one we were seeing. (Am I really carrying a baby around?!) For some reason it still doesn't seem real to me! Except maybe when I get a kick in the ribs or an elbow juts out and wakes me up at night.

On Sunday my sister hosted my shower at her home. It turned out to be a beautiful day and I am so grateful for all that she, my mother, and my younger sister did to prepare and make the day so special. We received so many wonderful things we are still trying to organize and sort through everything! This baby is already so well-loved! I think we'll have enough clothes to last us through the first year and we'll definitely have enough diapers for the first few months (thanks Mum!) Now I just can't wait for her to get here. I find myself thinking more and more about what she looks like, what she'll be like growing up, what she'll become as an adult and the things she'll do. Not that I can even imagine Chris and I with an adult child, or even a teenager! Right now we're just working on putting all the furniture together and how to get the baby wrap on!

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