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Melissa's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 34 & 35
~ Almost there!

I am really ready for this baby to be here! The nursery is all set up and it really looks adorable. It is probably the most elaborate nursery I've seen! I took some photos to post but the cord that connects our camera to the computer was rolled over by a computer chair (oops?) and the hardware inside was squished. I've also been torn about posting some belly pics, so we'll see. If I can find a replacement cord I hope to post something!

The co-sleeper is also ready to go next to our bed, although we did have to use the extension kit on the feet. Our pillow top mattress is so high it is hard for me to even get into it, so I hope the co-sleeper will work out. Our cats seem to love it, which is another thing I am worried about. We'll have to start keeping the bedroom door closed at night.

After much thought and some helpful insight from the readers (thank you!), I did end up having the Group B Strep test done. It wasn't as bad as I had thought and the midwife did wonders to calm my nerves. We haven't gotten the results back yet but I either way I think it was a wise choice for me and for the baby. This way I won't be worried about the baby getting sick and I don't have to take the antibiotics if they aren't needed.

On a down note I've gained another 2 pounds since my last two week check up. Paired with the increasing comments on me weight and outward appearance has left me in a pretty bad mood overall. An old boss of mine came into work and said "Oh! I was used to seeing you so skinny!" and a friend of Chris's mother's (now on my not so nice list) said to me off the cuff, "I bet you're looking forward to not being fat again." I wasn't sure exactly what to say to the man. I looked at my shower pictures and I did look obviously pregnant, but the weight in my face and arms did not look as bad as I have thought. I think the comments are just starting to get to me. On a random rant to Chris I yelled about people being inconsiderate and that anyone wanting to come visit was going to get turned away. This is not true but I do worry that a lot of my coworkers and family don't realize that I won't be my usual bubbly hostess self at the hospital, and that Chris, the baby, and I might want some time to ourselves to bond.

I remember going to visit a family member that had given birth the day before. We waited outside the room as she was trying to breastfeed her new little one. After only a few minutes we were summoned in because she had had no luck. I told Chris that people may have to weight longer than a few minutes if I am having trouble breastfeeding, in fact I may just tell them they'll have to go home. This might seem harsh but it is so important to me that we get this time right after birth to bond and start the process of breastfeeding. I hope people understand this and don't see me as being a possessive first time mother.

At my last prenatal appointment I asked the midwife if she would be able to guestimate the baby's weight. She said that she thought the baby would be a good size, probably around 8 lbs. She also seemed a bit surprised that the baby was already dropping into my pelvis. (This explains the horrible hip pains I've been getting at night). I mentioned to her that the baby had been dropped for about 4 weeks now, or since my last two appointments. She said that guessing how far the baby's head was down into the pelvis, she would probably expect me to deliver on time, and that this was a good thing because it is less work I have to do on the day of delivery. That is a plus!

I have had several sharp lower abdominal pains, but they come only once or twice a day. Last Thursday I had several Braxton Hicks contractions, lasting for about 45 seconds to a minute, 3 minutes apart for about 45 minutes. But after that one incident they have not come back since, at least not enough that I would time them. I did pack a small hospital bag, but I'm still feeling like we have some time.

The kicks from the baby have grown into slow stretching movements. It feels like sometimes she is scrunched up cross legged, but then I feel a large bump and I think for sure this must be a little bottom! I can tell there is not a lot of room left. Especially if the baby is already around 6 lbs if the midwife is correct. It is hard to believe she has already dropped so far down when I am still having such a hard time breathing. Maybe she is large and long? Either way I am told that larger babies eat well. I hope I can keep up my milk production.

Well, the countdown is on and we get more and more exited each day. Hope everyone is doing well and I'll talk to you soon!

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