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Week 37
~ City Life and Dilation

This past weekend we took advantage of a quick trip into the city, I know it will be awhile before we get out again, at least that far. We took Chris's little step brother to the aquarium and got to see a behind-the scenes tour thanks to my little sister who is doing an internship there for the summer. It was so nice of her to show us around and get us tickets! Thank you thank you, we had a blast! It was so neat to see the tanks from a different perspective and get the real hands-on experience.

Other than the underground being hot and humid I felt fine! My shins were a bit sore the next day but other than that I can't complain! I don't know how my sister does the long commute every morning and evening! I know I have never been and never will be a city girl, so I have to giver her credit for dealing with the crowds.

I had my midwife check me this week and at 37 weeks and five days I'm measuring 1 cm dilated and at plus one station, if I remember correctly. (Maybe something to do with the walking in the city??) I'm still a bit confused about the terminology and phrases. But the baby is starting the descent, thus the jabbing pains I've been feeling at night in my hips. Last Thursday morning I also started having some Braxton Hicks that were getting increasingly painful. They started at about 2:30 AM and were lasting for about 45 seconds every 4 minutes. They stopped when I got up at around 5:15AM, just in time to go to work with little sleep! The midwife also said that she'd be surprised if I delivered full term, given that the baby has been dropped so far down for about 6 weeks now. Why did she tell me this?! Now if I go a day over my due date I'll be pulling my hair out! Oh well, I am breathing a bit better this week so I think I can hold on for a little while longer.

I am getting a little worried about starting labor while I'm at work. I've had one coworker tell me that she was glad she wasn't at work when her water broke, because it was a large gush. I was told that this rarely happens, but now I am very worried. I wear nothing but dresses and skirts nowadays simply because they are the most comfortable and still fit! However, this might pose a problem if my water breaks unexpectedly. I'm wondering if I should start carrying around a bag with a towel in it or something! Oh bother.

I'm so so anxious to meet this little one. Lately I sit in the glider in the nursery and play a song on one of her classic Winnie the pooh bears. I've done this for awhile now, since pretty early on. Sometimes there is a definite reaction to the song, some large movements. When she is born I'll have to play the same song and see what happens. Can't wait for her to get here!

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