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Melissa's Pregnancy Journal

Week 38
~ Pregnancy Cast

My mother and younger sister came over on Monday to "cast" my pregnant belly. I always thought I'd want this done, as a way to remember being pregnant. However, having experienced the last few weeks and months of being pregnant and all that comes with it I really did NOT want to remember being this way! But, they insisted and came over with the plaster of paris and lollipops. So, I have an official belly/breast mold of my pregnant state that I don't know what I'll do with. I've seen ones where they are painted and hung on walls but I really don't feel like displaying my half nude pregnant frame on our wall for the public to see! So, it will sit awaiting a story to be told to our daughter and I know I will be ever so grateful that my mother and sister insisted on covering my body in Vaseline and plastering white goop all over me. I love my family.

Work has gotten harder and harder. I am uncomfortable sitting and standing and easily lose my breath. So they recommended that next Wednesday be my last day. With a new due date of the 21st (also my birthday!) I'm hoping I won't be home by myself too long, and we will soon have our little bundle. I am so looking forward to not hearing every day, "You are still here?! Weren't you due two weeks ago?" That in itself will be worth the smaller paycheck!

At the grocery store earlier today I was surrounded by pregnant women. I don't know if maybe it was the time of day or the hot and humid weather, but it seemed that everywhere I looked there was another smiling face with a round belly. I counted at least five! Even in the checkout line I glanced behind me and there was a woman smiling at me. I looked at her green shirt and sure enough, she looked as big as I did! I have noticed though that the majority of these women have a few years on me though. I am partially jealous because I know they bring with them more experience, possibly a more planned pregnancy, or a more stable life for their baby. Whereas Chris and I are still young and I'm not sure where I'm headed with my career. However, I was told by a woman at church who is in her forties with a two year old and a four year old that if she were to do it again, she would have been younger, just because she is already tired and has so many years to go. There are pros and cons of having children at both ends of the spectrum I suppose. I tell Chris that by the time we are forty our daughter will most likely be in college and possibly on her own, and maybe, just maybe, we can go on our Tahitian honeymoon that we had previously planned for our original wedding date this summer!

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