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~ God Has a Plan

Daddy and AddisonWeek 37 started out kind of rough. Lots of contractions . . . when to go to the hospital? The fourth time around really isn't any different than any of the others. The wondering about the labor and delivery seems to be the same as I recall it to be also. We left church after Sunday School because of the uncomfortable contractions that just wouldn't stop. I had a doctor's appointment that just irritated me. The other three pregnancies I had my cervix checked the last month, each week. This time my doctor let me know that they would not do that until I was 38 weeks and an induction would not happen until 39 weeks. I was hoping that things would move along a little faster this time but that was just wishful thinking it turned out.

Mommy shows baby to the boysAt 37 weeks and 2 days, on my birthday, we went to the hospital for the first time. I got up and had this nagging pain in my left side. I decided that a bath would help, but it didn't. Things just became more painful, and I noticed that the contractions were coming very close together; I told Gregg that we should time them. They were very close and very painful. They were about a minute to a minute and a half apart and long. The only time I remembered contractions being like this was when I was on my way to the hospital with my first and when we arrived my water broke so naturally I am thinking . . . It IS Time!

Mommy and AddisonOff we go to drop off the kids and make our hour long trip to the hospital. When we arrive they hooked me up to the monitors, and we waited. They checked my cervix, and I was only a one and 50% effaced, and the baby was very posterior. I stayed for about six hours contracting regularly praying that my cervix was getting ready for delivery; God knows I was ready!! The last of the three times they checked me I was still the same . . . no progress at all. They gave me something for nausea and an Ambien which stopped my labor and they sent me home.

I am not now nor have I ever taken a lot of medicine so we'll say that my system is tender. The Ambien sent me to another planet. I hadn't called any of the family to let them know about our trip to the hospital so I decided that I would just call on the way home. We stopped so I could get a burger from Wendy's which was right around the corner from the hospital. I ate my burger and began to phone the family. The nurse should have warned me about this fast acting medicine and the possible high I would be on. I had trouble walking and talking and I was seeing crazy things. Some of the family saved their messages that I left to share with the rest of the family and have a laugh. I also said things that I don't remember; Gregg said that I told him I was going to get a bath before I laid down and when he told me that I had taken a bath just before going to the hospital, I didn't argue with him at all. I can only imagine what was going through his mind because he had been helping me get around as my arms and legs felt like they weighed a ton and they just wouldn't work like they should.

Addison GraceThe next day the same thing happened. Pain in the left side followed by hard strong contractions very close together. They kept me overnight to monitor my contractions and give me something for pain. The contractions had slowed by mid-morning and my cervix was the same so again they sent me home. I slept and sent Gregg to work on Tuesday; he had training and around 11 o'clock his team was activated to another facility about 45 minutes away for a mock exercise. He was worried about leaving me, and I assured him that if I needed him I would call him. The kids were still with their grandparents so I could get some rest but with having them with me 24/7 and then not seeing them for days, I was really missing them. I talked to them and broke down; I asked my mom if she would bring them home on Wednesday for me and she said she would. I hung up the phone and cried some more and then decided to get some rest. I laid down and around 5 PM it all started again.

Addison GraceThis time the pain in my left side was so bad I could not find any position to make me feel better. I called my sister to come sit with me and then I called Gregg. I told him that it was starting again, and he probably needed to get headed this way. Through a cooperative effort he made it home to me swiftly and safely. We went to the hospital one more time. The on call OB was very concerned about my contractions and pain; she told me that she was keeping me and based on my urine dip she was ordering an ultrasound that would be done the next day. The ultrasound was followed by my OB telling me I would be in the hospital for at least three days while they gave me antibiotics for a kidney infection and a urologist would also be by to consult with me about the results of my renal ultrasound. We spoke to the urologist who said that the kidneys were obstructed by the baby and my ureters were blocked so that my urine could not empty into my bladder. Both of my kidneys were swollen and backed up;two options involved nasty surgery that he did not want to perform this far along in the pregnancy. We all agreed that the baby being born should correct the problem but we would have to see what the OB team suggested. He spoke with them and when the on call doctor came in, she started the ball rolling.

Addison GraceThey applied Cervidil to my cervix at about 2:30 am and it was supposed to be in place for 12 hours. I was having contractions all along but they began to be a bit stronger to actually change my cervix . . . Yay! They removed the Cervidil around 12:30 because I had dilated to about 2 1/2 and was 70% effaced. I was very excited to know that they were concerned about my pain because of my kidneys and the labor so they allowed me to have what they called an early epidural. WooHoo!!!!! I got my epidural after they started my pitocin drip. They broke my water a few hours later. We had some friends stop in for a visit and we just laughed and had a good time only because I was feeling no pain. After they left I started having severe pain just above my pubic bone. They thought it was baby coming down quickly so they checked me and I was 7 cm and the baby was no longer posterior; she was very low. I continued to hurt so they called an Angel named Phyllis, my anesthesiologist. She gave me more meds and sat and monitored me while she hashed over the shape our country is in with my love. I was still hurting so they checked me again and said I could bear down with the next contraction; I did twice and they said stop . . .

Addison GraceThey all got suited up, and three contractions later our miracle arrived, our beautiful baby girl, Addison Grace, on November 18 at 10:51, weighing 8 lbs and 20 inches. She was welcomed by her grandparents and her very excited big brothers. God is so good and he does have a plan. I know that I would not have been able to endure what we went through without the prayers of my family and friends. Our church family has such love for us it is completely overwhelming. I thank God for where we are in our walk with him, and I look forward to the amazing plans that he has for us in our future. I know that God is still in the business of miracles, I just witnessed one.

We cam home two days later on November 20. My kidneys and bladder are doing great. I will be going to have some follow up tests just to be sure things are back to normal but we are both healthy, happy and home!

I pray that God will keep you all in the palm of his hand as you journey through life. I have so enjoyed sharing my pregnancy with you. I pray that you find peace, love and happiness . . . God Bless!

With a Smile,

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