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~ Meet Melissa

Melissa and GreggShhh, I'm Pregnant...Fast Forward!

I am a 33 year old mom, I work part time (a day and a half) in a barbershop with my mother that my grandfather built in the small town that I grew up in since the age of nine and I also teach our three boys; we actually do Virtual School. We are having a blast! My husband is 44 and is a Correctional Officer, the Lock and Key Sgt. and the CERT Team leader, it's like the SWAT team but for the prison system.

I am so excited to be doing a journal with StorkNet throughout my pregnancy! Before I get in too deep about where I am in my journey to have a new baby, let me give you a little bit of information about my precious family. My husband, Gregg, and I have been married for 12 wonderful years. They haven't all been a breeze but God has been good to us. When we married in March 1998 and we both had children. He had two beautiful girls, Kailyn, who was five, and Victoria, two. I had a very active two year old little boy, Austin. Gregg adopted Austin within the first year of our marriage, and we added Jaxon, in 1999 and Dalton, in 2003. We originally wanted to have six children altogether. After Dalton, we tried a couple of times to get pregnant but were unsuccessful. We decided in 2005 that is was just not in God's plan for us to have any more children. We opted for a vasectomy in October of '05.

Fast forward four years and we were secretly both dealing with what I call babyitis. Neither of us told the other for fear of disappointment because of the vasectomy so for months we wrestled with this desire to have another child. In September, we took a trip to West Florida, just Gregg and myself. It was a marriage retreat called The Festival of Marriage. We had a wonderful time. While we were there we renewed our vows in a beautiful candlelight ceremony. But on the inside, God began to work on us and the desire that he had given us for a child. After coming home we went to bed just like we do every night but when I woke up the next morning I shared a dream that I had with Gregg. I dreamed a dream that was so real I was really in a state of shock. I told him that in my dream we had a beautiful baby girl and just kept telling him that it was a really vivid dream. He obviously seemed shocked as well but did not share with me why he was so shocked until about three weeks later. He finally decided to tell me that the dream I had, he had also had and it sounded like it was just a real to him as it was to me. We decided that we just pray for God's will in the situation and that he would reveal to us what his will really is.

At the end of November, Gregg told me that he felt like going forward with this and that he felt like it was God's will (I felt the same way) and wanted me to check on our options due to having the vasectomy. I did and IVF was very, very expensive. IUI was very expensive so, the vasectomy reversal was the cheapest option. We were at first concerned about the success rate not being that great for reversals but decided to just leave it all in God's hands. God made a way for us to have the procedure on December 12, 2009. We began trying for a new baby about a week later. We didn't want to tell anyone about it because we didn't want everyone to pressure us and make our efforts seem like work but mainly we didn't want any disappointment that we may encounter to be even greater because we would constantly have to be telling people, "No, we're not pregnant." Let's face it, everybody wants to share advice or insight to your life, and even if they mean well it can sometimes drag you down. We kept it between us and God. There were two unsuccessful months but March, the month of our 12th anniversary, we got pregnant. On April 2nd, two days before Easter and our baby boy's 7th birthday at about 5AM we found out we would be parents again!!

KailynAnother decision that we had to make was to wait to share our news. Kailyn, is now 18 and graduating from Community College with her AA and high school as Salutatorian. In that order by the way, it's amazing the opportunities that children are afforded these days. I think it's great though! Kailyn has worked very hard and we are all so proud of her and her accomplishments. We did not want our news to overshadow her at all. She has earned this time to shine!! I forgot to mention the she has also been accepted to the University of Florida and will start classes there in the fall with her major being International Studies. We think that she is amazing! So here we are...waiting for graduation. Friday, June 4th is the night and I'm not sure but I think on Saturday we might tell the kids!

Pregnancy Fast Forward...13 weeks

This pregnancy has been different from the very start! My last three I was me, just pregnant. I did not hurt or get sick or have any problems at all except for tender breasts and not having all that much energy. This time I have been so sick. At first just very nauseous but nauseous ALL day. I felt like if I could just be sick I would be okay. A couple weeks later I found out I was wrong! Evenings seem to be the worst for me but that doesn't leave out my mornings either. I never know what the next day will bring. I stay hungry because if I eat too much of anything at once it comes right back up. I have only lost it and cried like a baby a couple of times. Thank God for my precious husband and children. Gregg holds my hair and gets me a rag when I need it and the boys do their chores, make me sandwiches and pray for me. Remember they don't know why mommy is so sick! I cannot cook because that is a trigger that will make me ill fast so we have been surviving on 88 cent TV dinners, spagettio's and sandwiches. The thing about cooking is actually the smells. My nose has never been so keen! I can be having a good day and then suddenly a smell will hit me and it's over. My wonderful OB/GYN tells me that around 15 weeks it should be over so I am praying very hard that it will taper off and the sickness will go.

I have been living on our couch for the last 13 weeks and I am ready to feel human again!!!! We went for our first sonogram last week and I found out that I was further along than originally thought so now my due date is December 2! It is always amazing seeing that little life inside of you. Of course I had a hormone and started crying; I just couldn't help it. By Christmas that precious gift will be in my arms and here for our family to love and nurture! I am SO excited!!! Because of being so sick I have actually lost some weight but, I know that I will be gaining shortly! I am just ready to eat FOR REAL, I'm hungry!!!

Have a great week and God Bless!!


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