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Week 15
~ Busy, Busy, Busy!

This has been and is continuing to be a very busy week for me. We are packing up books to ship back to school since it is over, Hallelujah! We have been preparing for our Children's Crusade at church which is now in full swing. Gregg and I are doing the music. It is awe inspiring to see those children worshipping the Lord in song!! It is a blessing to me to be able to be a part of that. We were not able to order shirts this year for the crusade workers so me, Gregg, Austin and two girls from church Jana and Jessica met here at my house and tie-dyed about 30 shirts. They are now all done and we will be passing them out and wearing them tonight. Our theme is Walking With Jesus and there are beach balls and flip flops and beachy type things that are the decor so tie-dye is quite fitting!

My dad will be coming into town tonight from Virginia. I am so excited! Speaking of being excited . . . I'll get on with what you guys are really reading this journal for, my pregnancy update. I am very glad to report that my sickness has definitely been tapering off. I had only one day last week that I was sick. I am so grateful to be getting over that part. I have really been enjoying FOOD!! I can eat now and it stays with me so I have more energy and a smile on my face because I am not starving! My bump is growing at a rapid pace. I checked out a few consignment shops this week because I am the type of girl who lives as cheaply as possible (with a house full of children and a limited income, you find ways to cut spending and make the most of every dollar). Consignment shops and yard sales are fantastic. Great clothes that are barely worn and are a fraction of the price of new ones. I bought a couple of things, a maternity denim skirt for 50 cents and a pair of denim Gap maternity capris for 5 dollars. Both look like they are brand new! My other favorite place to shop is the Good Will. I just don't live very close to one so when I have the opportunity I will be checking out what they have to offer. And, if all else fails I LOVE a "Sale" rack!!

I feel like a weight has been lifted because our exciting secret is out! When we gathered all of the children together they were just wondering what we were up to. We had the video camera out and we lined them up around the living room and told them that we had a surprise for them, and they had no idea what was coming. I made cards that said SURPRISE!!! on the front and I added glitter to make them look fun and festive. On the inside I wrote, A blessing sent from heaven above for us to share all of our Love . . . and then I attached a sonogram picture in a colored frame, blue frame for the boys and a red frame for the girls. Each picture said, Hi big brother or sister and their name. When my nurse did the sonogram the baby actually put its little hand up next to its face as if to be waving or saying hi. The kids were in shock! The older ones knew that dad had a procedure so we wouldn't have any more babies so Victoria said, "Dad I thought you were fixed!" His reply was simply, not any more! Dalton, the baby that has been waiting, begging and pleading to be a big brother was so confused he kept asking if we were having a baby for Kailyn. We finally convinced him that this would be our baby, his little brother or sister and he has been on top of the world since. All of the children are so excited and cannot wait to see what we are having. We have also shared our news with grandparents and our church family and I will be sharing it with my daddy tonight. I am going to have him and the boys come along with me to my appointment this week so they can hear the baby's heart beat. Only one more month and we will know what we are having . . . I can't wait!!!

I just can't say enough that God is so Good!! He continues to bless my precious family each and every day! I give him all of the glory for my life and the many miracles that he has done for me throughout the years. I thank him daily for my wonderful husband that I am so proud to call mine. My children are such a true blessing to me. I call all of them my Angels!! I know that God had a plan for me all those years ago when at the age of eighteen I found myself graduating from high school and also preparing for motherhood. I try not to think about the things I may have encountered had I not started to lean on God in those trying times and learned to trust in him. I know that he keeps me in the palm of his hand and he guides me in all that I do. I thank him for being with me even when I did not acknowledge his presence. He makes the impossible possible . . . I am going to have a new Angel in December, and I thank him for that from the depths of my soul! I pray that God keeps you this week and blesses you beyond measure!

With a smile,
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