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Week 22
~ Feelin' Good

My pregnancy is going great. I am so blessed. I am at my pre-pregnancy weight now. I am eating well and cooking again, which I really enjoy . . . both! I know that my weight gain has begun because of the fact that I am not sick each time I eat or think of eating or smell food or think about food period. I am so grateful to be feeling well. Other than my back last week I have been feeling rather normal. The pressure that I feel makes me sit more often and take breaks when I am working on something just for some relief. By the way I found my support belt. When my grandmother passed away my cousin and his wife bought a gift (baby's first gift) for the baby and apparently I had the belt on and stuck it in the gift bag so in going through the precious memories that were given to me from my granny's house, I ran across the bag in a box and found my belt and still haven't put it on!

The baby is really active. Are girls more active? My sister has a boy and a girl and said that her girl was much more active during her pregnancy. So far, as active as all three of my boys were, my girl is already proving to be very busy and definitely more active! I am curious as to how much she will slow down as she gets bigger. I tend to have healthy babies, not too large, but healthy. With my middle son in the delivery room 2 weeks early, the doctor and nurses and my husband were guessing what the baby would weigh. I for a month or so had been telling the doctor that my baby was huge and he said no, you will have a small baby. When the guessing game began he guessed 6 lbs., my husband was right on the money 8 lbs. even. The doctor was in shock. He called me the champ for delivering an eight pound baby. I guess he thought that my normal size frame and the small amount of weight gain, 16 pounds meant a small baby. I am really not sure. I do remember that last month and a half or so the quick kicks and movements turned into slow graceful turns and jabs. I am sure she will settle down some as she grows.

I can't believe it's already August! Time flies doesn't it? We are now in search of a name. The perfect name for our precious baby girl. I wanted to name her Grace or Faith. My husband agreed until a week or so ago, now those might be a middle name options. I will let you know when we narrow it down.

I went for my specialist appointment last week and the doctor is a bit strange. He kept asking me why I was there. He would ask this right after I finished answering the very same question that had been asked in a different way. My kids were there with me and were making faces behind the doctor that seemed to say . . . What, didn't you just tell him?!. Nevertheless, he sent me for bloodwork and some other tests and we should have the results soon. I know that God can completely heal me and that is what I am praying and believing for. I do thank God for doctors and believe that we need them, I appreciate their expertise as we go through some sicknesses or illnesses possibly to reach others and witness when there would be no other way that paths may cross.

God is so good to me and my family. He is still carrying us as we wait for news about our family changing crisis. I am still believing that we are going to be victorious in Jesus name! My husband and I and our children have an awesome calling on our lives and we are walking in God's perfect divine will. We are very close to God and we are seeing the fruits of our prayers and it is so awesome. I know that these distractions in life, our Pastor spoke about them yesterday, are to derail us. The devil can keep us so busy worrying and bogged down, emotionally and physically spent that we lose our focus. The focus moves from being God's will and purpose to look at all of the junk I am dealing with and going through. We as Christians have to stay focused on God's purpose and trust in him to bring us through no matter what circumstances we face. Proverbs 3:5-6 says, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your paths". Trusting in God and exercising Faith is easier said than done sometimes but it is the only way to get through life with peace that surpasses all understanding and joy unspeakable and full of glory. These are given to us as children of God when we fully trust in him. Prayer is our strongest weapon to use against the devil. When he starts telling us how defeated that we are and how bad things may look we have to hit our knees and tell him of how God has our back and put him under our feet where he belongs by not listening to his lies. In my life speaking God's word and his promises over my circumstances have helped me get back up and dust off after the devil has come against me. Joyce Meyer has a couple of books about speaking God's word over your life because it is very powerful. Try it and see for yourself! I pray that you all have a very blessed week ahead!

With a smile,
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