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Week 23
~ Blessed

Feelin' good! I am becoming larger than life. My ever growing baby bump is now somewhat obstructing the view of my feet. I wanted my toes done the other day and being too cheap to pay someone to do them, I took the time to take care of it. My pink toes were fast and easy but I really wanted a french done so I pulled out all of my stuff. Thank the Lord that there are no cameras in our house because I know I had to look a sight removing the old polish then preparing my toes for a fresh coat. I would get these pains in my left side as I am in the almost fetal position with one foot on the floor and the other resting the side of the coffee table so I would have to stretch out and let the pain subside so I could carry on. I did accomplish my task and my toes are pretty; it just took me a little longer than usual.

Eating well still. I made some creamed spinach the other night that was delish and it was such a hit with everyone we decided I should do it again but make it a dip for tortilla chips so I added some extra ingredients and made a spinach and artichoke dip that we devoured. I have tried to ban foods that I know are terribly addicting from our house. For instance, ice cream . . . when we have ice cream we eat it constantly until it is all gone and then wonder how it all disappeared so quickly; I mean who can have just one bowl?! I bought some of the little freezer pops so we can still beat the heat with something cold.

Summer is pretty much gone isn't it? That is so hard for me to believe but we have had so much going on that we haven't really stopped to take a break ourselves to enjoy our "summer vacation." With school starting we are again having to go through the registration process because our district has changed the curriculum that they are using but I believe that they said they had a contract for three years with the companies that they are having us register with so hopefully next year will just be a breeze to get started. My oldest son has decided through our family crisis on a career change. My babies had to endure some interrogations and Austin was going to major in Family Youth and Community Sciences because he wants to help others but with the traumatic process they endured he decided against that field. We did some research and he decided that he still wants to help people but in a different way. He will be setting his goals to become a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. They make a bunch of money and becoming an RN first then seeking his higher degree, they usually have a master's, he will see all of the options and flexibility that there is in the nursing field. I am so blessed; he is really maturing into a fine young man. He is in the 9th grade this year. Jaxon will be in the 6th grade and Dalton will be in the 2nd grade. I am not sure how well things will flow when the baby gets here but I know that God will see us through just as he has this rough summer.

I know that I am blessed, blessed with so many things I can hardly fathom. My heart is overflowing with the blessings from heaven above!! I will be speaking at our upcoming women's ministry meeting on the 22nd. I am so excited that through it all, God is moving on my behalf. God is still using me to bless others. How can I let life get me down when every time I turn around I see God at work in my life? I am so grateful to be a chosen child of God! I try my best to walk in love. This scripture I have spoken over my life and seen great results, God will intervene when we look to him . . . Colossians 3:12-14 Above all that I put on, I put on love. I clothe myself with my behavior marked by mercy, tender hearted pity, kind feeling, a lowly opinion of myself, gentle ways and patience. I have the power to endure whatever comes with a good temper. I am gentle and forbearing with others and if I have a difference or a grievance with someone; even as the Lord has freely forgiven me, I also forgive others. I pray that you too can walk in love and endure all things that come your way as you face the week ahead. May you have a richly blessed week!

With a smile,
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