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Week 24
~ Tests, Tests and More Tests

Thank the Lord the results of my tests from the tummy doctor came back normal. When I went to the doctor (OB/Gyn) last week for my monthly visit I was given the special orange drink that I will use to have my sugar test done in another week or so...yummy. I have been experiencing some pain in my right side for a couple of months and it is getting worse. I told the doctor about it and she advised me to take some ibuprofen for three days and kind of take it easy, that maybe it's a pulled muscle or something. I did and it is now where I can't really get around without being in constant pain. I called this morning and spoke with the nurse and the doctor ordered some blood work and another possible appointment on Friday depending on the results of the blood work. The doctor said that it may be scar tissue from my gall bladder surgery last year or problems with my pancreas or liver. We'll see, in the meantime I'll be on the couch or in the bed as much as possible to be able to get any comfort at all.

We are trying to rearrange furniture to prepare for baby. I cannot do as much as I would like to since I am hurting so much so I get things done in small spurts. My boys are awesome! They have cleaned their rooms spic and span and now we will break down beds and make the room switches that are necessary to make room for baby! I am trying to get all of this stuff done before the start of school on Monday. Books should be arriving any day now; they have already been shipped. This time of year is exciting, a little bit like Christmas. When the boxes arrive we will have to go through them and make sure that we have everything in order and get it all organized for our fantastic school year ahead. Football practice has started for Austin and the excitement of a new year is blossoming. Thank you Jesus for new beginnings! If we did school year round I think that it would become really mundane and dreaded. The way the end of the school year is due to all of the tests and pressure that is put on the kids to perform well. The summer break is just enough to allow some excitement to build about the new approaching school year ahead.

God is blessing us continually! Our family will be singing at a revival on Saturday night and I'll be sharing a word from the Lord with our ladies ministry group on Sunday. God is so good!! I pray that God keeps and blesses you and yours beyond measure this week.

With a smile,
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