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Weeks 25 & 26
~ Run, Run, Run!

Run, run, run! That is all I have been doing; I have been to have more tests in the last two weeks than I had before they took out my gallbladder last year. I am glad that they are concerned but they all, all four of the doctors that I have been seeing, don't really know what to do with me. I have some fluid build up where my gallbladder was taken from. The surgeon says that he did not think that is what would be causing my pain. I have had blood work, ultrasounds and been examined by my OB along with a trip to the gastroenterologist and my surgeon. They cannot do any of the tests that they would normally do because it would pose threats to the precious life growing inside me so, I will have to do whatever is comfortable for now just to get through the pregnancy. With the Lord's help, I will make it!

We had a good time at the revival Saturday night that we sang at. They had a pretty good turn out. There were a few back to school bashes that were going on at the same time. We missed the one for our church but I know that we were right where God wanted us! The ladies' meeting also went well. I spoke on Faith and testified of some of the trials that God has brought us through. It blessed my heart to be able to share with the precious ladies in our church they are such a blessing to me and my family. They brought food for an army when my grandmother passed away. In tough times it is comforting to know that God has put such special people in our lives. I know that they also lift us up in prayer on a regular basis. That is what carries me I know. I make it through my days on the wings of angels! Those around me that God has placed in my path to bathe me in prayer, love me and those who have gone on before me to watch over me.

School is in full swing! This is an exciting year for us. Austin is taking English I, Spanish I, Algebra I, World History, Personal Fitness, and is allowed to take a PE class for football at the high school along with Health Science I which will aid him in his future career in the medical field and qualify him for acceptance into the Health Academy. Jaxon is excited because his classes are journeys for him. The first section might explore one part of the world and the next will take him clear to the other side. He says the classes remind him of a game. The workload and pace is not as strenuous as last year's was either. Dalton is not really thrilled about school period so I am proud to report that he is seemingly hopeful about the stories in reading, work online(he calls them games), and the writing. We had to emulate a frog floating on a make shift lily pad yesterday for science and of course he thought that was a great science experiment. We are having fun and they are learning and I guess that is all that matters! We have our first football jamboree Friday night . . . WooHoo!!

I have a couple of weeks to go before my scheduled OB appointment so hopefully between now and then we can keep doctor visits down to a minimum. Phillipians 4:13 says I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me. I am clinging to that word each day.

Have a super blessed week!

With a smile,
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