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Weeks 27 & 28
~ It's My What?

I have been to my OB/Gyn, my Surgeon (that removed my gall bladder 7/09), a gastroenterologist and to the lab to try and figure out what this pain in my side is. My OB doctor thought it was a pulled muscle so I also had an appointment with a physical therapist. I went last week to see her and in about five minutes of conversing with her about the pain and what made it worse and what made it better she told me, "I already know what the problem is." She then examined me and found that my tenth thoracic vertebrae had shifted to the right and popped my rib out of alignment. She did some soft tissue massaging, iced me down, gave me some exercises to do at home and sent me on my way. The pain is better but I will be seeing her again. She said only a couple more visits and I should be good as new! Thank You Jesus!!! She said that all of my vomiting in the beginning of my pregnancy could be what threw it all out of whack. I really started noticing the pain between month 4 and 5. It has gotten increasingly worse as the baby continues to get bigger. I should be fine soon though! I will be going for my sugar test tomorrow . . . wish me luck!

School has been going very well for my boys! They are doing great! We are having to work from one computer though, the laptop crashed just after school started. That has made things a bit hectic and that is why I have not been posting each week. Grown up computer time is at a minimum right now so we can all complete our school work each day and not get behind.

We had a nice Labor Day. We went down to the river and the guys did some fishing. We didn't bring bathing suits for a few different reasons and ended up only staying and visiting for a couple of hours because it was like torture for the boys not to be able to swim when they had friends and cousins that could. Gregg had some work to do at the church on the youth building so we headed home. Him and Austin went and partially finished last night and will go finish up completely tonight, or at least that is the plan.

My cousin is going through all of her baby stuff for me. I will be meeting with her in the next month to get it all. I am so blessed! She told me that she has baby everything clothes and furniture for me and the clothes are from newborn to about 18 months. She also has some clothes for Dalton. God has made sure that we have had what we needed...all of us. A friend gave me a large bag of clothes, some that still had tags on them, for Jaxon just before school started. A family member blessed Austin with a complete new new about a week after that and then my cousin let me know two days ago that not only did she have the baby covered but she would get clothes together for Dalton if I needed them. A girl in church asked me what size maternity clothes I was wearing and she said I have some that you can pick up. I got two large bins of clothes from her to use. God is so good!!! He knows what we need and he will supply our EVERY need! Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life. Psalm 23:6

Until next week, be blessed,
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