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Weeks 29 & 30
~ Glucose Testing and Physical Therapy

Okay so this is the first time and 1 in 4 is not real bad but . . . I failed my first sugar test. So yes, off I went to take the three hour glucose screening. Oh my goodness, being held hostage in the labs "comfort room" for three whole hours was almost unbearable especially since I waited for a solid hour to get stuck for the first of four times and it was a fasting test. I was ready to gnaw off my arm by the time I got finished. But because I had a physical therapy appointment I did not have time to stop for anything. I was on time and God was looking out for me as he always does. When I arrived they gave me a bottle of water and offered me some homemade banana bread. It was delicious! I received word around 9am the following morning that I passed the three hour, Thank God!! The doctor is concerned about the baby's weight since I failed the first test. She said that babies tend to be bigger when sugar is high so she will be monitoring her weight and size. I tend to have bigger babies anyhow. The first one weighed 7 lbs 9 oz a week overdue, second was 8 lbs two weeks early and the third was 7 lbs 12 oz one week early and I did not fail my sugar test with them. Time will tell just how much she tips the scales at and when.

Physical therapy is also a regular visit now, at least one to two visits weekly. Seems that the quick fix is for people that do not have an uncooperative rib. Mine doesn't want to stay when put back where it belongs. The last appointment however was the best results that I have seen yet. My pain level was almost non existent, I did not hurt much at all for two whole days. I have an appointment tomorrow and I sure am glad because it was very difficult to even sit through church I was in so much pain. I know that this too shall pass!! I will not be pregnant forever and I pray that the rib thing is completely due the pregnancy and will not be an issue after my precious little angel arrives.

We finally got our computer back up and running. School is running pretty well. I will be calling to see if the district has someone to test my youngest for dyslexia on Monday. I have noticed that he has been struggling with backwards letters and numbers and even pronouncing words from the wrong end for the past two years and my mother-in-law and my husband have some problems with it so it is a possibility. I spoke with my aunt who has a son with dyslexia and also homeschooled him and gave her all of the details and voiced my concerns and she told me that he sounded exactly like my cousin and she felt that it would be wise to have him tested.

We are still unsure about a name for the baby. I know that we all don't have to agree on it but I would like for our immediate family to at least like whatever name that we choose even though Gregg and I will be making the final decision. I know we will figure it out eventually! We may have our favorites and just wait until we see her precious face.

I thank God for watching over my family and carrying us through some adversities that have come our way. We know that we are precious to our heavenly Father and he is holding us on the palm of his hand. No weapon formed against us shall prosper is what the bible says. It also says that We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities and rulers of darkness. I know that the devil is using people to come against us but I also know--Greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world. We are covered by the blood of the Lamb and we are already victorious! God is so good and I am grateful for his love, peace and joy that I have in my heart and life! I hope that God carries you and yours as you go through the week ahead~be blessed!

With a smile,

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