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Weeks 31 & 32
~ Growing and Growing

I had forgotten just how large my uterus could stretch! Though I have only gained 10 lbs it is ALL in my belly. My Dalton tells me, "Mama, I can still put my arms around you!" The kids are really getting excited and so am I. I have some touch up painting to do and the baby stuff will be here on the 23 rd of this month so we can start assembling the room.

I am officially released from physical therapy! Thank God!! I still have some pain but it is nothing compared to where I was when I started. I can live and function now. I still have to rest here and there throughout the day but I am doing well!

My hormones are raging but I'm sure that you probably already knew that. I went to see the baby doctor the other day. When leaving the hospital I climbed onto the elevator. Noticing a woman with two small children and a couple trying to get on the elevator I did the kind thing, I held the elevator for them by sticking my arm out to stop the door. When I did this the door hit my arm and knocked my keys out of my hand. No big deal right? Just bend over and pick them up. Well as I did I noticed that they were in a crack. When my finger touched them they fell into the elevator shaft, all the way down. I had a physical therapy appointment to go to about 45 minutes later. I got off of the elevator and spoke to the little fella that polices the parking garage. As I walked up to him I did what most pregnant women would do, I started crying. I told him as I fanned my face, "I am so sorry, I am pregnant." I of course was trying to apologize for crying and he kindly looked at me and said "Oh, well congratulations!" I then told him of how I dropped my keys and he assured me that he could help. He found some maintenance guys and they did their thing to rescue my keys from the black abyss below the elevator. As they worked swiftly to help me, my precious husband of which I was on the phone with when I dropped my keys, called to check on me. I assured him that they were getting my keys for me and I was just fine. I said all of that as I started crying again. Can you believe it? I was calm just waiting and watching then here came the tears AGAIN. I calmed myself , got my keys and the rest of my day was just great. I know that God had a reason for all of that to happen. I'm not sure what it was exactly but I know he had a reason.

Braxton hicks contractions are coming about every 10 minutes. I am told by my OB that this is completely normal. My only problem is that if I am up walking around when they start my right leg goes numb. The baby is on a nerve, literally. The doctor acted like it was no big deal so I guess I should also. My tender sensitive uterus is already working overtime. I just wonder if the contractions are actually doing anything. With baby number two at the 35 or 36 week appointment they did the check and I was one and a half centimeters. Each week that followed I was a half to another whole centimeter dilated. They induced at 38 weeks when I got in my room and had another check I was 3 cm and my cervix was whatever they were looking for it to be. So they started the pitossin and broke my water about seven and a half hours later we had our 8 lb baby boy. That is why my curiosity has peaked with all of these braxton hicks. I guess I should say they do not come 24/7 every 10 minutes but they are sparatic and usually I will have four or five in a row when they start and then they will go away for little bit and start again. Practice makes perfect right? Maybe this labor and delivery will be the best yet!

Forgot to mention that my baby shower will be the 26th, I am very excited about that too! I pray that you are abundantly blessed this week!!


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