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Weeks 33 & 34
~ Time IS Flying!

I know that pregnancy is a nine month thing but wow, it seems like it has gone by so fast! I am getting so excited. We are having regular conversations about who she might look like. Dalton assures me that she will look like him with dark hair, a natural tan and brown eyes. Only time will tell! Our baby furniture and clothes start their journey from Virginia to Florida early tomorrow. We'll pick it all up on Saturday and come home and set it all up. Then , , , I get to go through all of the baby clothes! Did I say I am excited? I have had to refrain from buying things because I didn't want to get something that we really didn't need. God has provided us with more than enough already!

Contractions, they are coming often and a bit more intense. I actually woke myself up grunting last night quite a few times during contractions. Not much rest happening either. Finding a comfortable position is kind of difficult. I have been recliner sleeping for about a month already and with all of the water I am supposed to consume I have regular potty breaks night and day. I try very hard to be my nice sweet self but with no sleep, the pressure and contractions I am sometimes a bit short. I do apologize and constantly ask God to help me with my attitude. I know that I am nearing the end of my pregnancy and all of this shall pass.

I thank God for all of his wonderful blessings. I am excited to see what each new day holds. I know that with each day that passes I am one day closer to holding my beautiful miracle in my arms. The baby girl I have always dreamt of. As our family continues to grow so does the love in our hearts! I pray that your week is a very blessed one!

With a smile,

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