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Birth Story
~ Meet Bristol Jessica

Baby BristolWow, it was a crazy week after my last entry! That Monday night I started having contractions every time I moved! I took a warm bath in hopes of easing the pain of the contractions. They weren't coming that often, but hurt when they did come! I think the bath may have sped them up because when I got out I was getting them more often and more painful. After procrastinating for a long time, I told Chris that we should go to the hospital. It was hard because I didn't want to get to the hospital and then just be sent home again like last Thursday. We took Atticus to the in-laws' house again on our way into town. I kept feeling bad because I was sure that once again we were getting people excited and then it was going to just stop and I would be sent home again.

Mommy and BristolWhen we got to the hospital the contractions got really, REALLY painful. They wouldn't admit me to a room until they checked me and were happy with my dilation. I was writhing in pain and moaning very loudly. I was very agitated and impatient, I was ready to have that baby, and was in a HUGE amount of pain, and it seemed like everyone was going soooo slow and taking their time getting me to a room and with drugs! Finally they checked me and were satisfied with a 4-5 cm dilation. I got into the birthing room and was still experiencing some incredibly painful contractions. It is crazy the things you come up with when trying to manage pain of that level. I found that rhythmic motions like thrashing my head around and back and forth or rubbing the sheets with my foot for some reason helped! Exhaling really hard and fast was helpful too, even if I didn't inhale! Just "pushing" that breath out of me really helped.

BristolI got the epidural, which was much more painful than I remembered from Atticus's birth. I had two really strong contractions while he was "fishing" the epidural around in my back. I was very uncomfortable and hated the feeling of that wire catheter touching my nerves all in my back. Finally that was done and I felt much more relaxed, almost like I could just fall right asleep. I could still feel my legs and feet though, and I didn't remember being able to feel anything at all when I had my epidural with Atticus, so I asked the nurse if I should be able to feel my legs and feet. She said yes, so I calmed down. Then I noticed I could still feel my contractions, they weren't as painful but I could still feel them and it was not comfortable at all!

Daddy, Atticus and BristolBefore I knew it Bristol was on her way out, and I felt intense burning and pressure. I was yelling and pleading for more pain meds but got a "there's no time" response or "it's just the pressure you're feeling, not pain". I think I continued to plead for more drugs up until she was actually out of me. The doctor wasn't showing up and no one in the room could or "would" deliver the baby, so they kept telling me "not to push". I kept replying "I don't want to push anyway! It hurts too bad! My doctor never made it in time but they FINALLY had an on-call OB come in and catch the baby. Her head was practically hanging out of me by the time the on-call doctor came in the room. I had to push like 1 1/2 times and I felt her head pop out and then her body being pulled from mine. It was very painful but I was thankful for at least having some epidural medicine in me!

Sleeping BristolThey took her to get her stats and stuff and I didn't even get to see her at all for like 10 or 15 minutes. It seemed like it took them a long time to deliver the placenta and stuff; I don't even remember that part of Atticus's delivery. Everything this time seemed to go a lot more slowly. It was frustrating. One thing though that I really loved was the nurse who attended to me the whole time. She helped me through the labor and the before and after and was so attentive and sweet the whole time! Even after I was yelling at her and treating her so badly during the labor because of the pain. I felt really bad later!

We had to stay in the hospital for 48 hours because I was group B strep positive. Needless to say by the time we got out of there we were so ready! Bristol was really quiet the first night and we were all excited to get a calmer and quieter child than our previous one . . . and then night two came . . . Ha! She found her voice!

Atticus and BristolThe next night went a little better at home. I finally got a shower which was needed very badly. I still had to have her in the bathroom with me because Chris was too busy playing video games with his buddies to watch her. But she slept in the bouncy seat next to the tub the whole time, so it wasn't an issue. After I got out she started crying and wouldn't stop. Chris came in and got her quiet for a little bit but then as soon as I got her back she started up again. I was almost to the point of crying and breaking down but discovered that she would stop if I did the "lay on your side" nursing position, so she fell asleep that way. It was interesting trying to keep her in that position all night without me leaking breast milk all over the place or getting cramped in that position for so long. I wasn't planning on co-sleeping for this baby, but it seems like that was the only thing that helped her and it ultimately got me a few hours of sleep that I hadn't really had in a few days!

She is so beautiful with her soft, yet spikey dark hair. She is very tiny, only 6 lbs. 6 oz. She has a very tiny head that no head bands will fit. I am very in love with her! Atticus and Daddy both love her very much and have both been amazing with her! Daddy helps a lot when he can, and has a way of calming her. Atticus is always kissing her and trying to give her trucks, etc, but he does want to take her binky all of the time, so that has been fun trying to deal with!

Thank you all for reading my journal! I am so very happy with my beautiful family and I feel so blessed to be able to be home with them.

~ Melody

Bristol Jessica
April 21, 2009 at 1:52 AM
6 lbs, 6 oz

Week 38
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