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Melody's TTC Journal

Entry 1 ~ August 15, 2008
~ Anxiousness and a New Hairdo

This month seems like it is going by really quickly! Then again, sometimes it's just not going quick enough! It's to the point that I wish I could ovulate and know the next day if we are pregnant! I know that sounds so horrible and impatient. I am just longing for a new baby, especially a girl.

Moving on . . . Atticus got a haircut. He looks so much older now! Where did my little baby Atticus go? He has really started to show off his skills in dancing and singing. Ha ha! He is only 14 months old! We love watching him grow and develop. His daddy has taken to snatching him up out of his crib after he falls asleep and snuggling in our bed with him. It is, seriously, the only time Atticus isn't moving constantly! It is nice because daddy can get in some bonding time with him, which is rare since Chris works a lot.

I work half days on Mondays-Wednesdays, and my sister's mother-in-law watches Atticus on those days. She is amazing and lives on a farm full of animals, so Atticus loves it there. Her name is Meludy (what a great name, right?) but we call her Mrs. B. On Thursdays and Fridays we drive 45 minutes to my mom's house and she watches him. She used to watch him overnight on Thursdays, and I loved it! I got a whole night to eat chocolate, drink wine, and take all the bubble baths I wanted! It was especially nice during those early months when I NEEDED that break desperately! However, since Atticus didn't and still doesn't sleep all night, my mom refused to keep him overnight because she wasn't getting enough sleep. There went my "Melody Nights" of freedom and liberty! Ha ha! So now I have to drive back and forth on Thursdays and Fridays, which is a lot of gas! But my parents help me out with paying for gas, and oh yea, did I mention that both babysitters don't charge me a thing!? We are really blessed with them.

Last night my oldest sister, Summer, who is a hair stylist, highlighted my dull brown hair. It was a lot of fun, even though my back, neck and butt got so sore from sitting in the chair for two hours! It was nice to get "fixed up" and have some girl time. She really blessed me very much by doing it, and didn't charge me at all. What a giving sister!

~ Melody

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