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Entry 2 ~ September 2, 2008
~ Surprise!

This past month has been a whirlwind for me. I took a home pregnancy test yesterday and it was positive. That means it only took a month or two to conceive! Wow! Even though I was hoping to have another baby, and we were mildly trying, it was still a real surprise that it happened so quickly! I am still trying to process all of it, to the point that I get really stressed if I think too heavily on it. I am very happy and excited, just a little shocked. Remember it took two years to have Atticus!

I set up an appointment with my OBGYN for September 24th. I am very anxious to get there and get some more confirmation and information.

We still have not finished Atticus' room upstairs, so I have been working away, painting and sweeping. Hopefully that will be done soon and he will be up in his own room, along with all of his many toys and clothes! Up until now he has been sleeping in his crib at the end of our bed in our room, which makes it incredibly hard to NOT run to his side when he wakes up five times a night! I am hoping now that he got his molars in, that he will sleep more, but I know that he has to learn to go to bed when we put him to bed, and stay asleep until we come get him in the morning. So, once he is in his own room, we may have to let him cry it out a bit, but hopefully he will learn to get himself back to sleep, instead of relying on me to rock him and a bottle to soothe him.

I will update more after my appointment. Thanks for reading!

~ Melody

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