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~ Meet Melody

Melody and familyHi! My name is Melody and I am 22 years old. I have been married for 4 years to a great man named Chris and we have a 14 month old son named Atticus. I am a financial secretary in a small town in Kansas. In that sense I think I am different than a lot of the ladies who journal on here, because I am just a small town Kansas girl!

So, this is the beginning of my "trying to conceive" adventure. It took us close to two years before we conceived Atticus. It was a total shock to us, because we had just assumed, or I should say that I had just assumed, that we couldn't have kids. After two years you just kind of give up hope. Then, two days before my 21st birthday (of course!), I took a test and it said in little digital letters "Pregnant". Luckily, I had an incredibly easy pregnancy other than all of the morning sickness, on top of which I got the stomach flu and lost 7 pounds in my first trimester. In general though, after I got over the morning sickness (first 3 months!) I did great. Passed all the right blood tests and gained just the right amount of weight.

Here is the kicker . . . my one big baby shower was set for two weeks before Atticus was born. In the early morning hours I started feeling these really strong "charlie horses" in my abdomen. I assumed that they were just tight muscles or something, and they just stayed pretty steady all throughout the morning. So I got dressed and went to my mother-in-law's house for the shower. I was early so I just talked to her and my sister-in-law, but for some reason I couldn't sit down because that seemed to cause another "charlie horse" to happen. So I just walked and walked and paced. Then they started getting painful, and by that point my mother-in-law knew I was having contractions and had informed me that they were not charlie horses at all! Pretty soon I got a really strong one and yelled that I needed to be at the hospital soon, so my hubby ran home from work, and he, my little sister, and I all drove to the hospital. Both of them started arguing which was the correct breathing technique and it was all I could do to not choke them both! I was in pain! Ha ha!

I had Atticus at 1pm, the exact time and date that was scheduled for my baby shower. So my sisters entertained all the baby shower guests and took pictures and brought it all back to me so I didn't miss ALL of the fun. The labor was great; once I got the epidural I couldn't feel anything (it was wonderful), and he came right out in just a few pushes! There was no tearing or anything, and everything went fast and really smooth. It was wonderful! There was one point where I was pushing and I looked up and there were like 20 people in the room that I had no idea who on earth they were. They went around and introduced themselves (while I'm in labor!) and apparently they were students or something at the hospital. Wow. Honestly though, you DO lose all sense of modesty at that point when you are just trying to get that kid out.

So I will close here saying that hopefully our family will be blessed with another amazing little person, and preferably in the same smooth and fast manner as the last one!

~ Melody

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