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Week 11
~ Where Has the Time Gone?

Atticus with Uncle AaronThis morning Atticus woke up around 5am and would not go back to sleep. I tried rocking him and giving him a bottle, etc... Finally I just took him back to bed with me. He actually snuggled up and slept with me. Usually he will think "oh good, it's play time now" when I have brought him into mommy's bed. So it was so nice to lay there with my little son and snuggle and sleep. He has grown so much! When he was first born until around 6 months, he slept in my bed with me, while Christopher was out on the couch. Now obviously that wasn't the greatest thing to do for my marriage. However, I do miss that! I miss sleeping with my little baby and having his tiny little face next to me.

Happy AtticusI guess this week has been a lot of reminiscing. Here are a couple of pictures of Atticus driving the John Deere tractor with his uncle Aaron last week. He had such a blast, you can tell by his face!

On a side note, I did not start "showing" with Atticus until around 6 months. My sister the other day touched my stomach and said "What? You can't be showing yet!" I replied "I'm not! That is just still showing from the last baby!" It was funny. I think you are supposed to show quicker on the second baby, but who knows!

~ Melody

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