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Melody's Pregnancy Journal

Week 12
~ A Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Well, we have made it to this 12 week milestone! The nausea is a little better, but still present. This past weekend I turned 23. Honestly, after 21 you start to lose track of how old you are going to be.

We took Atticus to a huge pumpkin patch Sunday and met up with a lot of relatives on my husband's side. I think all the kids had a fun time; Atticus sure did. The Kansas wind and dust was too much for me! Overall though, it was very fun.

I am SO ready to get Atticus into his room and out of ours! I was reluctant for a while, but he is still waking up multiple times a night! It is getting ridiculous! We are waiting to get the used carpet from my sister's new house tomorrow, because she is getting new carpet. Once we have his room carpeted we will be able to move him and all of his stuff upstairs. YAY!

The hubby and I have been having a little rough patch these past couple of days. I think it is mainly my fault. I hope it starts looking up though.

One last note, tomorrow is my 12 week doctor appointment. I am anxious to see any progress and maybe hear the heartbeat again. This pregnancy for some reason just does not seem "real." I mean, obviously it feels real when I am puking my guts out every morning, but otherwise it just does not seem to be really happening. I am sure once I start showing and begin to feel the kicks it will all feel real.

~ Melody

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