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Melody's Pregnancy Journal

Week 13
~ A Little Scare

These past few weeks seem to have gone really fast. Still not fast enough for me though!

Last week we had our 12 week appointment. They do the usual "check the weight and listen for the baby's heartbeat." I think I had gained a pound or two, which was okay, because I had lost a lot from all the vomiting. The nurse listened and listened and moved her little machine all over my stomach trying to find a heartbeat and it seemed like an eternity before she finally gave up and said "I guess the Doc will have to give it a try." I was getting really nervous and Chris and Atticus were sitting in the room too. The doctor came in and couldn't find the heartbeat either, but said that he could hear a "swishing sound," which was probably our litte baby swimming and jumping. We headed to get an ultrasound to find a definite heartbeat and thank God we found it. We saw the little heart beating on the screen. It was amazing. So that was a blessing and a relief!

Atticus was restless the whole time in the doctor's office and was finding all kinds of things to get into and mess with. He has discovered his love for "Shrek" and is constantly pulling it off the dvd shelf and bringing it to me. He is hooked. Ha! I think it is so funny how they find one movie they like and watch it over and over and over! He just loves it. The good part for me though is that he snuggles a little while watching it, so I take advantage of the snuggle time!

My sister works for the WIC (Women Infant Children) program in Kansas and she is always giving me pamphlets and handouts on different child safety, hygiene or nutritional information. She gave me one this week on tooth decay caused by bottle feeding too often and for too long. It was disgusting! It showed rotted out teeth, ugh! So, needless to say, I am trying to cut the bottle out of Atticus' life, and brush his teeth a lot more often.

We finally got the carpet done in Atticus' room. It is so exciting finally having the room almost completely finished! Yay! I am really hoping we have another boy, for multiple reasons, but one being that the boys could share a room. I don't know if I can handle doing another room for a long time! Ha!

Well, talk to you all next week! God Bless!

~ Melody

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