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Week 15
~ All Stuffed Up

Hey! Well this week (as well as the past few) I have had a completely stuffed up nose. I can't breathe and I am sniffling all day long! I hate it! It really makes my job, as a receptionist, difficult. I can hardly answer the phone because I sound horrible with a completely clogged nose! I know they say that when you're pregnant your blood volume increases as do hormone levels, which in turn constrict the vessels in your nose, yada yada yada . . . I just want it to go away!

I know what all of my fellow StorkNet journalers are talking about when they describe their low back pain and sciatic nerve issues. Last night I could hardly stand up . . . and I am only 15 weeks! I remember how bad my hips and back got when I was preggo with Atticus. Ugh! It is weird though, my left leg and left lower back are fine, but my right leg and back are so pinched sometimes I can't move! I may have to invest in one of those tummy/back braces I heard someone mention.

Atticus loves his new room, and we love the fact that he is in his own room . . . and out of ours. Ha! He has been in a horrible "hitting" phase lately where he will just come up and smack you and laugh. If anyone has an idea on what to do about this, email me. I don't really think that smacking his hand would help because you are hitting him while telling him not to hit. Well, yesterday the hitting evolved into pinching. He wanted something so he kept pinching my arm really hard! I was so surprised! It was so funny, but so painful! What a goof! He is OBSESSED with Shrek. Last night I was watching Gossip Girl, and he whined and whined and practically hit me with the Shrek dvd case until I finally agreed to let him watch it. I sure wish that he would have chosen a "better" movie to be hooked on. I bought an 8 pack of Bible story dvds, but of course he could care less about them, he just wants Shrek. Ah!

I am so excited about the holidays. I can't wait until Thanksgiving to start decorating for Christmas, so my little sister is coming over on Monday and we are going to "overhaul" my house and decorate. Yay! It will pretty much be the first year that we do any real Christmas celebrating or decorating at our house, just because we usually just enjoy it all at family homes. But this year Atticus is probably old enough to understand what is going on a little. So I know I need to start making memories of our own at our house as well as family homes.

Next week is my 16 week doctor appointment. My oldest sister is going with me because Chris can't get off work. I don't think she has gone with me before, so it will be fun for her to be there. Since my last appointment was a little scary with them not being able to find a heartbeat for a long time, I am a little nervous this time. Plus I fell on the stairs at home today. I just landed on my butt really hard, so I don't think there was any harm done. I hope not! I am glad that our doctor appointments are pretty close together though. Just because I worry so much! I am so anxious to find out what we are having! I can hardly stand it!

~ Melody

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