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Melody's Pregnancy Journal

Week 16
~ 4 Months Went by Fast!

AtticusHey everyone! Not too much has been happening. I haven't really felt any movement yet, but then again, with Atticus I didn't feel movement until like 23 weeks or later! I don't look pregnant at all yet! I am sure I should be happy because that way I won't get too big too fast. It just starts being more "real" when you can see a tummy bump, and feel a kick and stuff.

Atticus has really been moody lately. Whining a lot and throwing fits when he doesn't get his way. Yesterday he had a huge meltdown because I would not let him play with this hose at my in-laws. It was really cold outside and he wanted to spray water all over himself and make puddles to play in! He screamed and screamed and kept running back to the hose even after I kept pulling him away from it and saying "No! Mommy says NO!" Finally my father-in-law took him on a tractor ride and that calmed him down. He has really developed an attitude already. If he is mad he throws his binky or hits or grabs something and throws it. He woke up early this morning and cried and cried and would not go back to sleep. Finally I went up and rocked him and that worked, but he was doing so good getting himself back to sleep for a while!

Well, I love the holidays! Christopher and I put up the tree yesterday. It pretty much our first Christmas tree that we went out and bought and bought decorations for and stuff. It is really country themed, red and white and gold. Maybe I can get a picture up on my next post. My little sister is coming over today to help me get the house all decked out even more. Yay!

This weekend I got out of bed at my parents, where Chris and I stayed over Staurday, and my tailbone hurt and was pinched so bad I could not even stand! I had to take some Bayer back medicine of Chris' and it helped a bit, but I still couldn't really lift or carry Atticus at all! I dropped something at the store and didn't think I could get back up! I hope it gets better and not worse as we go along!

This Wednesday is my 16 week appointment at the doctor office. I am excited as I see this as a big milestone! Plus, that means that we are close to finding out what sex the baby is!!! WOW! I am soooo anxious! It sounds like no one is going to be able to go with me to the appointment, which kind of stinks, a lot! So I am not really sure if I am going to be able to find someone to watch Atticus, or if I am bringing him or what. I am sure I will just bring him, but not sure. I will write a quick update after my appointment.

~ Melody

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