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Melody's Pregnancy Journal

Week 18
~ Getting Anxious

I hope that you all had a great Thanksgiving holiday. We had two, one with my husband's extended family and one with my family on Sunday. When we go to Chris' family holiday get-togethers there are a lot of little kids. No babies the same age as Atticus, but there are three little girl cousins that absolutely love Atticus. When we drove into the driveway these girls came running up to our car yelling "Baby Atticus!, Baby Atticus!" Haha! It was hilarious. It is actually quite nice that they want to play with him and watch him, because it gives me a chance to enjoy the rest of whatever is going on.

Nothing much else is going on. A week from tomorrow is my scheduled 19 week sonogram. So hopefully we will find out what the sex of our new little baby is! I am so anxious! I can't wait! It is almost better than Christmas! I think my ma is going to watch Atticus while we go to the sonogram appointment, because last time they did one he was all over the place and trying to tear apart the sono machine . . .

We have pretty much finished our Christmas shopping. Atticus got some fun gifts this Christmas; I hope he enjoys them. I got Chris a couple of fun things as well, nothing big, but hopefully he will like them anyways, just because I got them for him . . . Hey! I can dream right?!

Merry Early Christmas and Happy Holidays!

~ Melody

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