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Week 19
~ What a Day

Wow. I think that word sums up everything that happened yesterday. I don't think I have ever had such a whirl-wind day in my entire life. I guess I will just start at the beginning of the craziness . . .

I was excited all morning because we had the sonogram that afternoon and we were going to find out what the sex of the baby was, and if it was healthy. I left work at noon to go pick up Atticus from the babysitter's 15 minutes away. It had snowed here the day before, so the roads were a bit icy still. I was going really slow on one particularly icy patch on the road, and this girl came up really fast behind me and tried to slow down I guess but slid on the ice and smashed into my driver's side door. and then hit me again in the back of my car. I think my car is totalled but we will find out more about that today after insurance checks it out. Anyway, when she hit my driver's side door my head smacked the window really hard and immediately started to swell up into a large "goose egg". The police officer that came said I did not have a concussion or anything, so that was encouraging, but my head hurt so so bad all day yesterday and the swelling finally went down last night, but it still very sensitive to even touch at all. My neck is really sore, but I know it all could have been a whole lot worse! SO I am really thankful. Plus, the other girl was not hurt, and Atticus was not with me yet, since I was on my way to pick him up when this all took place. So, both of those are blessings.

We had our ultrasound appointment at 2pm, so we had to really hurry to make it to the appointment after all of this horrible stuff had happened. I was determined to make it to that appointment as long as I was still walking! Atticus was a hellian the entire time. Running and screaming and climbing on everything. A nice lady in the waiting room made friends with him, and told me that she was one of TEN children in her family! It definitely made me admire her mother for surviving that! Also it made Atticus' antics seem a little less overwhelming. During the ultrasound we found out that we are having a GIRL!!! That is very exciting, even though I had hoped for another boy. A girl will be fun. We did not have much time to sit back and soak in that fun fact or even look over the sonogram pictures we were given to take home. We instead had to rush to find a rental car so that I would have something to drive until my car is fixed or replaced. I finally ended up at my mom's house, and my little sister came over and everyone was showering me with love and hugs and kisses. I guess it scared them quite a bit when they found out I had been in an accident. Even though I hadn't told them about it until a few hours after it had happened because I was pretty shook up for a while and didn't want to freak people out when I was overall fine and uninjured. I found out last night that my cousin and his wife lost their little baby boy yesterday. She was due in 2 and a half months. My heart goes out to them and my prayers are with them. I am so thankful that my little one and I are okay after our situation yesterday as well.

On one last note, my doctor informed me after my ultrasound, that I have something called "Marginal Placenta Previa." My doc said that it should correct itself by 32 weeks and if not then we will have to have a c-section. ugh! My last pregnancy went so smoothly and quickly! I should have known better then to assume it would happen so smoothly twice!

~ Melody

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