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Melody's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 20 & 21
~ Coming to Terms

Merry Christmas everyone! It is Christmas Eve today and I can't believe how quickly it came! Atticus has stayed a couple of days this week with my in-laws. I think they love having him, and he loves being around his "Pa" (grandpa) as much as possible. Chris and I both work half days today, so we will have our little gift exchange as soon as he gets off work and makes it home.

We are at a complete name loss for baby girl. We had a great boy name picked out before we found out she was a girl! Now what do we do!? She has been kicking like a karate kid, but they are still pretty soft kicks compared to the big painful ones you get further down the line.

I bought two pairs of maternity pants the other day. I was down to one pair of khaki pants and I was literally busting out of them, so I knew it was time to invest in some nice maternity pants for work. Jeans are easy because most of them are so low cut, so you never have to buy maternity jeans, but work or "dress" pants are a little different. Anyway, I have enjoyed getting some fun new clothes and kind of "dolling" myself up a bit. I think I am at my prettiest when I am pregnant, mainly because I feel like I have to either fix myself up a little more than usual or else I just look chunky, sloppy and pregnant. I dont know, maybe I am being crazy.

I think that this will be such a fun Christmas with Atticus. I really look forward to seeing what he thinks of the whole holiday and gifts and everything. I hope everyone has a very Merry CHRISTmas!

~ Melody

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