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Week 22
~ Down With the Sickness

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We had a great Christmas but it always seems to go by so fast! We have had the strangest weather here. Snow and then all of a sudden it was warm two days after Christmas and a thunderstorm hit and tornado watches were everywhere and then the next day it snowed again! Atticus had a great time at Christmas; he loved opening his presents and even presents that were not for him! Ha! Christopher got me a lovely necklace that I had wanted for a while. It was, overall, a great holiday. My mother-in-law made her AMAZING clam chowder (clam-less, I might add). I love it! Yum!

My sister, Summer, had a head cold during the festivities at my parents' house on Christmas day and it was passed to my Ma, then Atticus, and now me. We had to go get Atticus a vaporizer with menthol stuff in it so that he could sleep because the poor kid couldn't breathe! He is feeling better, and now I have it and am trying to deal with it as best as I can.

I am completely blank on baby girl names. I am very picky and obviously have to find one that measures up to "Atticus". So if anyone has suggestions let me know! I really want something sweet, soft, and unique. I HATE it when people name their kids these common names that everyone else has. How boring! They need their own unique name!

I have my next appointment next week, so I will update after that. Hopefully this placenta previa junk is fixing itself, because I really, really do not want to have a c-section!!!

~ Melody

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