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Week 23
~ Looking Good

Hey everyone! This last week has been pretty low key. I have enjoyed two four day weekends in a row! Yay! I have been able to spend a good amount of time with my little Atticus boy and I love it. He is so funny and makes me laugh so hard sometimes! Last weekend his Uncle Aaron, Christopher's brother, dressed him up in a Hooter's girls uniform! It was so funny and I was laughing so hard I was choking! The funniest part is that the outfit actually fit him really well! I will post some pics as soon as I get them so that you all can judge for yourself if he would make the cut for the Hooters team.

We had our doctors appointment yesterday. I wasn't sure how the day would pan out because I had my appointment at 1:40pm and then Atticus had his 18 month appointment at the pediatrician at 3:45pm. Those are pretty much the exact times that he takes his nap during the day, every day. He slept on the way to my appointment and then behaved decently during it. The doctor said everything was fine and gave me, yet another, lab work sheet for my glucose test. I hate lab work! Ugh! So I need to go in the next two weeks and get all of my blood taken. Overall though, my doctor said that everything looked good and that the uterus had probably already moved up significantly, therefore correcting the placenta previa. He said that we would do another ultrasound to check on it at like 29 weeks.

When the nurse tried to get the baby's heartbeat she (baby) kicked back so hard, it was almost painful because the baby's bones are harder now and I can feel her really easily. The nurse was pushing in with the dopplar and the baby was pushing out and then kicking! I jumped a few times because it scared me so!

Atticus' appointment went well, but he did have to get some shots. He did so well! I just about broke down because he got scared of the needles when he saw the guy get them out, and then screamed when he was stuck with them like 3 times. But he recovered very quickly and didn't cry very much at all. I would have been a bawling mess for at least an hour! Just wait until I have to get my labwork done! You'll see! He is such a sweet boy. He has taken to just coming up to me and kissing me. He will kiss my shoulder or my arm or all these weird places, it is so funny to me. The other day he came up and kissed my collar bone. I was like "Weirdo!" and he thought it was hilarious.

Okay, I suppose now I should make a quick update on "Baby Girl", since this blog is because of her! Well, Chris has picked a name. I don't like it much, since I like really weird and hippie names like Honey, Sunshine, and Lola, and this name he picked is not like any of those. However, he likes it and it kind of has a meaning behind it for him, so I may just let him name her that. Besides, he let me pick her middle name, and I did pretty much pick Atticus' name on my own. I will "okay it" with Chris and then possibly reveal her whole name in my next entry.

I don't know if this is related to the pregnancy at all, but lately I have been so "cotton-mouthed"! I hate it! I will drink and drink water and two seconds later I have the dryest mouth! I know it is so dry here during the winter, so that is probably why, but I just wonder, "where is all of this water going?" because I am so dry mouthed right after drinking it!

~ Melody

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