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Week 26
~ Ohhhh My Back!

I think this is about the time that most women are ready to have their baby already! When the low back pain and leg pain gets so bad you can hardly walk, let alone get up in the first place! I can hardly hold my 20 month old son without my back going out. At work I can hardly get up out of my seat without my back going out. My tailbone is killing me! I know it is all worth it though, and we will have an amazing little baby to show for it all. I am so ready to have Bristol here in my arms. I am so ready to work out and wear my cute clothes again, or even be able to walk without cringing from the tailbone pain of each step. I am so ready to, simply, not be pregnant anymore!

Other than all of that complaining, everything is going alright. We have our next doctor appointment next week, but I don't think that we will be doing the next ultrasound until the appointment after that. We will have that ultrasound to make sure that the placenta previa has corrected itself.

Atticus is doing well. He is behaving a little better now and is getting so good at leading on a conversation. My Ma calls me from her house when she is watching him and I get to talk to him over the phone. He says "ma-MA!" and will reply correctly with a "yeaaa" or a "No!" when asked a question, and will end the conversation with "Bye!". He is saying all kinds of little words, and he is constantly saying "Da-eeeeee" for Daddy. Speaking of which, Chris stayed home with him yesterday and they got to hang out all morning. It was so nice to not have to drive him all over to our babysitters' houses as usual, and Atticus sure loved being home with his "Da-eee" for a change.

I bought myself some cute and comfy clothes for after the baby. They are a little small now, but I am hoping that the weight will come off quick if I breastfeed and go on walks with the kids. Of course that all depends on if this placenta previa junk is corrected and whether or not I will have to have a c-section. I will keep my hopes up though that everything will go as smoothly as last time.

So as I near the beginning of my third trimester, I am definitely FEELING pregnant. I feel huge. I feel lots of discomfort and pain and can hardly walk or roll over in bed. There is a lot of "huffing and puffing" coming out of me with every move. Overall though, I am just looking forward to seeing my little baby, snuggling with her, and watching her brother interact with her.

~ Melody

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