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Week 27
~ Rolling Along

Hooters RecruitHey everyone! Yesterday I had my 27 week appointment. I had my glucose test done along with all of my initial blood work that I was supposed to have had done at the very beginning of this pregnancy. So, needless to say, there was a lot of blood taken out of me yesterday. Ugh! The doctor said that we would have our next appointment in 3 weeks, when I will be 30 weeks along. We scheduled a sonogram for the same day, to check on the placenta previa and everything else. He should have my glucose test results back by then also. I had the hardest time not eating a ton of sugary stuff before my blood work yesterday! I made brownies the night before and they were screaming to me in the morning! Ha! I nibbled them a little, but resisted as much as physically possible!

We took Atticus along with us to the appointment, as we usually have no other choice but to do so, because of timing and distance to the nearest babysitter. He did alright at the beginning, but turned into a monster pretty quickly. On the days we have doctor appointments and bring him along, he misses his afternoon nap, which is usually a very substantial 2 or 3 hours, so of course, he goes a little nuts on those days. He did better once we got home, although he would never fall asleep once we laid him down. It is so much easier being home with him. He really is a good boy, but is still a boy, meaning he is full of energy and mischievousness.

GoofballSaturday evening I had experienced some light bleeding, and started freaking out, but never ended up calling the doctor. It was pinkish though, and I read somewhere that you only need to worry if it is bright red or very heavy bleeding. After a couple of days it was more brownish and then went away. The doctor said it was probably nothing when I told him about it at our appointment yesterday. Nothing like a little blood in your pee to get you freaking out!

I am ready to see my baby girl. I am ready to have a long break from work and be home with my kids. I am ready for all of this to start happening. Unfortunately, I still have quite a few weeks. Ha! My little sister is throwing me a baby shower on March 21st. I am so excited; baby showers are so exciting, even when they aren't for you! I didn't get to be at my baby shower for Atticus because I gave birth to him at the exact time and day that the shower was going on! They all took pictures and I got to see the pictures later. What a bummer! So, I am very excited to be at this shower! Plus, it will be very girly and "shabby chic" is the theme, so it will be even more fun! I will make sure and post some pictures of it when the time comes.

I have attached some pictures of Atticus that were taken over the past month or so. He is quite a riot and always keeps us laughing.

~ Melody

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