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Week 28
~ A Wasted Glucose Test

I can't stop thinking "Are we there yet? How much longer do I have to do this?" Seven months came quickly, it's just the aches and pains are becoming more noticeable now that we are nearing the end of this pregnancy, therefore making it seem endless. I remember when I was preggo with Atticus I would have such sore hips from sleeping on my sides instead of my back or stomach. I haven't experienced much of that this pregnancy . . . until last night. I kept waking up and switching sides because my left hip bone would get so sore, and then my right, then left again. It was exhausting! Not to mention every time I move at all during the night my tailbone and lower back cracks, creaks and pops. My pelvis feels like a rickety old bridge trying to hold up an 18 wheeler loaded with tons of cement!

So far I think I am a little bigger at this point in the pregnancy than I was at the same point with Atticus. I guess that means that either Bristol is going to be bigger or I have just gained too much weight in general. Speaking of which, my glucose test came back too high, so I had to go in and do a 3 hour glucose test last Friday. I took the day off of work and headed to the west side of town to the lab that was doing the test. My sister came with me and brought me all kind of pamphlets on gestational diabetes and healthy eating. Remember, she is a registered dietition and works for the Women Infant Children program here in town. So she is very educated on this kind of thing. It was great having her with me for her support as well as her knowledge. I had to fast for like 12 hours beforehand, then they took blood right when I came in, then gave me the glucose drink and I had to wait an hour. Then they took blood after that hour was over, but when the lady stuck me I think she hit a nerve and it hurt really really bad. It hurt a lot more than the other times. So she got the sample and then I started to feel really dizzy and threw up pretty much all of the solution. Now I am waiting on word from my doctor on what I need to do next, because they sent me home after I threw it all up. What a waste! I have just been trying to pay more attention to what I am eating, and eat less sugar in general. Eating out less is a big thing too, because I had been eating out like every day, and now I will make a sandwich or eat some fruit instead.

We go back on the 24th for our 30 week sonogram, and I am very eager for that. My mother-in-law has very graciously agreed to watch Atticus during that appointment at her house, so we will actually be able to "be there" mentally and everything during the sono, instead of chasing crazy Atticus around the doctor's office.

One last note, Bristol Baby is VERY active these days. Last night I got Chris to feel her moving and hiccupping, and it just freaked him out. Now he won't touch my stomach at all. He says it's "creepy" and he thinks she is moving so much because something is wrong and she shouldn't be hiccupping. He is so weird. I wish he would be more into the whole tummy feeling, talking to my stomach thing, but I understand that guys could think it is a little weird.

~ Melody

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