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Week 29
~ To Breastfeed or not to Breastfeed

Melody at 29 weeksI'm almost to the 30 week milestone! Yay! I am ready to have this baby already! Surely I can make it a few more weeks! The insomnia has begun. I laid in bed from around 8:30pm last night until 12:30am this morning, not being able to sleep. It is very frustrating, but I know that my body is preparing me for getting up and nursing every hour or two after I have this baby.

So my topic for today is breastfeeding. I know it is the healthiest and best thing for my child . . . HOWEVER, aren't you on demand so much more when you nurse? People have to nurse their baby like every two hours, during the night too, right? I will be nursing all day and all night long! I am freaking out here! I won't get to be around people because I won't nurse in front of people, so I will have to leave the room and nurse. With Atticus, I tried to breastfeed and it was horrible, he never latched correctly and therefore I scabbed and bled and experienced EXTREME pain every time I tried to nurse my baby. I pumped for like two months, but it's just not the same. Eventually I got engorged and semi infected because the pump wasn't getting the milk out and neither was the baby. So after like 2 months we switched to formula. I am glad that I stuck it out as long as I did, but the memories still make me shutter.

So, I think I have decided to, again, attempt breastfeeding, and possibly meet with a lactation lady to correct the latching problem. As far as me being on demand 24/7, I guess I will be anyway with a new baby, so it shouldn't make much of a difference. Atticus has only been sick one time since he was born, and I credit that to the fact that he at least received two months worth of breast milk to build up his immune system and give him the right nutrients.

If anyone has suggestions, please email them to me! I always appreciate feedback from you all!

I have a shower coming up that my little sister is throwing for me. I am very excited, since I never made it to my last one, being in labor and all!

~ Melody

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