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Melody's Pregnancy Journal

Week 31
~ Waddle Waddle

I had another doctor appointment yesterday and everything went well. The only issues I have had is a little swelling and a very sore tailbone. When I am not at work sitting in a chair I am at home trying to lay down and take the pressure off my tailbone. Every time I move, roll over, or cough, my tailbone pops and cracks. I will be so happy to have this baby out of me soon! Hopefully my tailbone will too!

Well, we have, pretty much, finished Bristol's room! It is precious! There are still a couple of little things I am hoping to get for it, for the final touches. I will post some pictures as soon as I am completely finished. Both of the kids' rooms are upstairs and our house is like one and half levels. So their rooms have very low and sloped ceilings. The rooms work for baby rooms though, because you don't need a whole lot of room for a little baby. They definitely give a room more character. You will see what I am talking about as soon as I post some pics of her room. She will be in a bassinet in our bedroom for a few months at first anyway, so it is not like we are going to be spending a ton of time up there. Atticus doesn't seem to understand why he can't sleep in the new crib. When we were putting it together he would crawl inside and lay down. Now everytime we go upstairs I tell him "This is your baby sister's room," and he says "Sissy?" I am not sure if he gets the concept though, because his babysitter has a dog named Sissy and he is always saying "Sissy! Sissy!" so maybe he thinks the new room is for the dog. Haha. Who knows.

Atticus is so funny and is always doing something new and hilarious. His newest thing is saying "Sorry!" He doesnt quite know when is the correct time to say it, but in general he gets the idea. He will bonk me or run into me and say "SORRY! SORRY! SORRY! SORRY!" really fast, over and over. It's so funny. He doesn't just say it once, he says it like six times really fast. Ha! What a goofball!

I am very anxious to see Bristol baby and see what she looks like. Atticus looks exactly like his daddy and his daddy's dad. Maybe the new baby will look more like her momma. I think I will really get a lot more, emotionally, out of this delivery than my delivery of Atticus. He was my first child so I had no idea what was going on or what to expect and when they pulled this moving, breathing, living thing out of my body I was in shock. I remember thinking "What is that?! What just happened?!" I think this time I know a little more what to expect and what is going on. I think that may make it easier for me to emotionally connect with Bristol right as she is born.

I am so excited! Thank you again for all the emails! I love getting them!

~ Melody

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