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Melody's Pregnancy Journal

Week 32
~ Feeling the Pressure

Cool AtticusThis week has been pretty uneventful overall. I don't have another doctor appointment until around March 30th. I think I will be about 35 weeks at that time. I am, however, to the point where I am incredibly uncomfortable at times. In fact, on Saturday I could hardly walk or move. My tailbone was killing me! The pressure "down there" was horrible! I constantly felt like I had to pee, or like my insides were about to drop out of me. Ugh! I am really ready to have this baby! I think I might just float away after I have her, because I will feel so light, as opposed to feeling like I swallowed a bowling ball! I think I may have felt a couple of really light contractions, but they weren't painful, they just made my abdomen feel really tight and full of pressure. I cannot even fathom having twins or triplets or even more! I already feel like I am going to explode at any moment, and I just have one!

I had a great weekend with my boys though, aside from the physical discomfort I was experiencing. Chris and I got a new minigolf game for the xbox, so we spent a few hours playing each other, and each time I beat him! Yay! Sunday evening my mother-in-law and I had a little party for Chris for his birthday which is this week. I invited all three of my sisters, their guys and my parents. It was pretty low key but we all had a nice time catching up. My oldest sister, Summer, is around 11 weeks along with her pregnancy, so that is very exciting! I think our babies will be like 5 months apart, which is great! Poor Atticus though, he doesn't have any cousins his age! Oh well. I am so glad that one of my sisters is finally having a baby though! I was beginning to think my kids would never have cousins!

Bristol's roomI am so glad that I am, pretty much, finished with Bristol's room. I have included a photo, although the quality is not great and I have done a couple of more things to the room since I took this photo on Friday. As I mentioned before, the room is upstairs, at the top of the stairs, and we do not have rails on the stairs, or anything to attach a baby gate to. My father-in-law built us some great rails for the top of the stairs and now I will be able to put up a gate as well. It will be so much safer, not to mention it will look so much better! I have also included a couple of pictures of Mr. Atticus playing in the baby carrier. He likes to lay in it and "pretend cry" like a little baby. I always say to him "You're not a baby! You're a big boy!" He gets a kick out of the whole thing.

My shower is coming up soon, on the 21st of March. I am very excited to be at this one, as I missed the last one due to the surprise arrival of my little Atticus boy three weeks early. I will be sure to take pictures and post them on here.

I am ready to get back to a healthy weight. I have gained about the same amount that I did with Atticus, around 30 lbs, I think, but I feel huge and fat! I hate it! I am so ready to not be huge anymore! Plus, I have like 4 or 5 weddings to attend this year, and I am a bridesmaid in two of those! So I have really got to get my butt in gear as soon as I have this little chipmunk baby out of me! Too bad there isn't a pill that makes you instantly toned and gorgeous, right?!

~ Melody

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