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Week 33
~ Bladder Shmladder

So as I near the end of this pregnancy I continue to experience new and "fun" side effects. The first being the incontinence that you hear so much talk about, but never think you will have to deal with. Oh, don't get me wrong, you are fine as long as you donít cough, sneeze, blow your nose or laugh very hard! GOOD GRIEF! I have also had to keep plenty of bottles of water on hand to keep myself hydrated to stave off constipation, hemorrhoids, and dehydration. Hopefully my body will be hydrated enough to make milk this time! I think last time, with Atticus, I didn't keep myself hydrated at all, so my body couldn't really make and keep milk coming, which added to the many breastfeeding issues I experienced with the last baby.

Bristol continues to move and hiccup a lot. I am really ready for her to be here! I cannot wait to see if she looks like her brother. Will she have his dimples? Will she have his green eyes or mommy's dark brown eyes? Her room is all ready for her, with the exception of the baby gate, which I am hoping to get at the shower next weekend.

I have been putting off making a decision on coming back to work or staying home after I have the baby. I had planned on staying home for good afterwards. It is always in the back of your mind though, whether or not you will be squashing any financial security you have had up until now. Honestly though, my job is very low pay, plus I work part time, so when you add up the insane amount of driving and gas that I use to get to and from the babysitter's and grandma's house, which is 45 minutes away (one way!), it really cancels itself out. I mean, I make that 45 minute drive six times in two days every week! The other babysitter is only 15 minutes away but it still adds up. Both of these ladies are awesome and have blessed us immensely with their caring for Atticus . . . for free! I just seem to keep coming back to the fact that the driving is insane. It is so much time on the road. Driving in town is insane anyway because of the lunatics on the road in a big city, then you add in the money for gas, and the fact that my car is not all that reliable and that I don't have a cell phone if I was to break down. There are just a lot of factors to consider.

I did sign up for the government assistance program that my sister works for. They give you coupons to help pay for milk, cheese, formula, etc, which should really help out with the grocery spending, considering we won't have a lot of money to spend on groceries once I have no job.

I guess that is about all I have to update about. Thanks again for all the emails I have received! I love getting them! If anyone ever has advice for me about anything I put on this journal, holler at me via email!

Crossing my fingers that I make it to my shower this weekend!

~ Melody

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