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Melody's Pregnancy Journal

Week 34
~ A Fun Weekend

Baby ShowerHey everyone! Wow, we are having amazing spring weather here. It is so warm and crisp this morning, and the birds are just singing away. I love the spring! This past weekend my sister threw me a baby shower and I actually made it to this one! It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed getting to see friends and family that I hadn't see in a long time! I am including some pictures of the shower; it was a very fun time!

I don't have my next doctor appointment until next Tuesday, when I will be 35 weeks! Wow! I am so excited about getting to see little Bristol and what she looks like! I hope she is a lot more snuggly and calm than Atticus is. He has always been in motion. Even when he could hardly move yet, he would cry because he was frusterated that he wanted to be moving but couldn't! There are times when Atticus will snuggle for a second and then get back to whatever he was doing, or he will run over and give me a quick kiss. I love those moments!

Baby ShowerWe are really prepared for Bristol's arrival. I have her little bag packed with everything she might need when we bring her home. I don't have a bag packed for myself yet, but will probably do so here in the next couple of weeks. We do need to get the car seat base in the car. I have to admit that I love whoever invented the car seat bases that stay in the car and the car seat clicks in and out of them. It makes it so much easier than having to strap them in each time and everything. Bristol's room is all ready for her, which is actually kind of silly, because she will be sleeping in our room in a bassinet for like 6 months probably, so she won't be using her room that much for a while. It is nice to have a place that is for her though, and have it all fixed up for her.

Baby ShowerOur house is so tiny and old, and there isn't a level area in the whole house. Everything is drooping and crooked. I love it though; it is cozy, and I have been able to do a lot with the kids' rooms and make them really cute. I take pride in my little house and I am really thankful that we have it! We have so many stories to tell our grandkids about this house, and the "phases" we have had to endure in it. I call them "phases" because they are horrible things that happen to the house that we end up eventually getting through. There was the "Bee phase," where bees somehow nested in the bathroom vent and swarmed in HUGE swarms into the bathroom. That one was really hard and I was cleaning up dead bees for at least a month. Then there is the toilet that leaks, which is more of like a reoccurring phase that shows up every once in a while out of the blue. Then the "Dead Squirrel In The Ceiling Phase" where a squirrel died in the ceiling and began to smell horrible! We didn't know what the problem was until Chris finally took out part of the closet ceiling and found it and disposed of it. Then the most recent, and probably the worst phase of them all, was the "Gigantic Black Fly Phase," which, I assume, was caused by the dead squirrel phase. We had flies everywhere in the house! You had to sleep with one eye open, if you could even sleep at all amongst all the buzzing! It was insane! I was in tears and complete despair. Eventually we got everything taken care of, but I am sure there will always be another "phase" to add to our book of stories about this silly little house.

I hope everyone has a great week! I can't wait to have this little baby!!!!

~ Melody

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