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Melody's Pregnancy Journal

Week 35
~ Varicose veins and a trip to the grocery store

Hey everyone!

Well, I had my 35 week appointment yesterday. My doctor said that everything is looking good and that I will probably deliver early again this time, since Atticus was three weeks early. Which means that probably in about two weeks I could have my baby! He said that I have gained 1 pound/week over the last month. That really surprised me because I have been eating like a cow lately. I have been eating unhealthy foods like ice cream sandwiches, cookies and milk, everything full of starch and carbs, and a lot of them. I was sure I had gained, like, 10 lbs at least! I am glad it did not turn out that way though. I have gained about 20-25 lbs. during this pregnancy and I am glad that I haven't surpassed that 25 lb. mark. I am really counting on breastfeeding to help me burn calories and maybe taking the kids on a lot of walks at the park. I will obviously have to change my food choices as well.

I have a varicose vein developing in my right leg above my ankle. I was worried it might be a blood clot, thanks to voiced worries from my Ma. It was freaking me out! The worst thing you can do when you suspect something is wrong with you is to start "googling" your symptoms. It will freak you out more than your actual ailment! I am sure that this vein thing is in part because of the unhealthy eating habits I have developed as of late. Also the fact that when I get home I try to lay down as much as possible to get the pressure off my tailbone that is continually aching, so that inactivity probably adds to the situation a bit. Thankfully, there is no unsightly coloring or anything, just a small bump on my leg that you can't see, but can feel if you rub your finger across it. So, I have been trying to move my legs more at work, not sit too long and not cross my legs. I sit all day at work though, so it is interesting some of the things I come up with to keep the blood moving in my legs. Ha!

My doctor is such a hoot. If nothing else, he makes me laugh so hard. Yesterday we were talking about this swollen vein situation, and he went off telling me and my hubby about horrible swelling events he has seen with different patients. They were graphic and horrible obgyn stories! You could tell that he was affected by each event pretty severely! Haha! I was laughing so hard! Chris was beet red and probably really embarrassed but he chuckled a few times. It is nice to have a doctor who makes you laugh and feel at ease.

My Ma watched Atticus last night during our appointment then overnight as well. Chris and I went grocery shopping at the Target in town. We actually went to look for a new car seat, but ended up with no car seat and like $170 worth of food. We have a car seat that will work, the same one that we used for Atticus. It is dirty though, and old, and was used when we bought it. I want to get a pink one, which is probably the reason I am pushing for a new one so hard. Ha! Just because I want a pretty pink one. I bought two adorable little summer outfits for Bristol when we were shopping last night. I am so excited to see her and hold her. Chris and I ended up coming back home after grocery shopping and making a big dinner of shrimp alfredo. It was fun.

I am really not scared at all about this birth. I am just excited and thrilled. The thought of the epidural always scared me to death before my last pregnancy, but now I don't even care. I can't wait to go into labor, get the epidural, and enjoy the birth of my baby girl. I am so very anxious for her to be here with us! My hormones are going a little insane and sometimes I feel like I am literally about to burst from all the feelings and emotions I am experiencing. I wonder if that is normal.

The whole work situation seems to be working out itself, overall. I have kind of left it in the air as to whether or not I am coming back, but I am taking six weeks off, at least. My employer is actually relieved, I think, because he won't have to pay me for that whole time, and with the economy being so bad I know that money flow in this profession is probably not at its highest right now.

I just wanted to say thanks again for all the emails I have received from some of you. I really appreciate them very much and enjoy reading them!

~ Melody

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