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Week 38
~ Fake Out

This week has been a whirlwind of disappointment! Last Thursday was my last day at work. I worked half a day and spent the rest of the day with Atticus and cleaning the house while he napped. That night about 11:30pm I started having contractions. They were painful but not as painful as I remembered from when I had Atticus. I suffered through them since they weren't that severe, until about 2:30pm. Chris happened to wake up so I told him that I was having some pretty painful contractions. I had been up most of the night walking around or folding laundry, anything but laying down. They seemed to get stronger when I laid down. So finally we thought they were consistent enough to go to the hospital . . . at 2:30am!

We had to get poor, sleepy little Atticus out of bed and drive him out to the in-laws and left him there and headed to the hospital. We were monitored at the hospital from about 3 to 6am. We were exhausted, and I was still having contractions every four minutes, pretty steady. They checked my cervix every hour and said that I remained at a 3 (dilation) the whole time. Even though I was contracting steadily, I wasn't making progress. They ultimately sent us home, which for me meant I went to my Ma's house. She took good care of me. We went on a lot of walks. I got to take a nice warm bath and bounce around on an exercise ball trying to get labor moving along.

After spending the whole day Friday having contractions and trying to further the labor process all contractions stopped. Nothing. I slept like a baby Friday night when I should have been HAVING A BABY! I was so frustrated, but also relieved to get some rest and a warm bath. Saturday was more of the same; nothing. Sunday; nothing. Today I have felt maybe one small contraction, but nothing to speak of. What is the deal?! Ugh! When I had Atticus it all happened really fast, so I had assumed it would be the same this time, or even faster!

Well today is my first official day as a stay at home mommy. Atticus and I are hanging out now. We just ate our yummy breakfast of cinnamon oatmeal and did some laundry. I do love being home if not for the fact that I can do laundry and keep things clean here! Or at least try! My little sister, Jessy, is coming over today to hang out and I think we will take a picnic and go to the big play park down the road. Atticus will love it. I also bought some flowers yesterday, so maybe I will be able to convince her to help me plant them today.

So far I love staying home; Atticus is so much more affectionate with me too. We just get to spend a lot more time together and we are even closer now. I love it. He is such an amazing child. Last night in bed Chris leans over and says to me "I miss Atticus." I said, "Honey! We just laid him down for bed, and you already miss him?!" He just replied "I know, he is just so much fun to hang out with." Ha! It was really sweet, and totally true! That kid has stolen everyone's hearts! I know his grandparents enjoyed getting to spend time with him this past weekend while they babysat him for us during this whole fake out labor ordeal! It makes me so happy that they actually enjoy getting to spend time with him, instead of feeling obligated to watch him.

Well, I will update as soon as I can if anything happens! Thanks for reading!

~ Melody

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