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Entry One - April 13, 2010
~ Measles, Mumps, Rubella - oh my!

Hi ya!

It's week 10 and I must say that everyone was right; it does get easier. It's not perfect, but certainly a lot better than week two. Wowser! Ya'll don't even know how crazy week two was. I was shocked! We spent week one in the hospital since I had a cesarean. Evy spent a few nights in the nursery, but the majority of them she slept next to me in her hospital crib. She never cried unless she wanted something. But once we got home, all that changed. I'm not sure if it was the crappy NJ real estate or the smell of our toothpaste, but she cried all the time. Hungry, sleepy, wet/dry, boxers or briefs - she cried! My Auntie H (the authoritative source for all things BABY) said it was all about comfort. She was simply frighten of us and needed some comfort to help her adjust. I can understand that. I'm such a wussy. I get teary-eyed at scary movies, so I completely understand my baby's discomfort at literally being thrust into this world unexpectedly. The hospital room alone can feel like the seventh layer of Hell to a newborn. And I know for a fact my womb is way more comfortable than our drafty crappy apartment in an even crappier part of Bergen County, NJ (which by the way we moved. Thank GOD! You wouldn't believe the cost to heat that place! Well over $1000 in the winter. Yeah, we had to go or I was going to start a forest fire in my living room for heat! Seriously… I had the wood ready smile)

So it's week 10 and Evy Anne is smiling! I'm sooooo excited. She's even started baby talking and cooing. Oh! I swear I cried (which comes at no surprise to you, faithful readers). She also takes pain very well. At her two month check-up, she got shots. She cried for all of three seconds and she seemed fine. I gave her some infant Tylenol before the shots so maybe that helped. The Doctor had to twist my arm about those shots. I was really leery . . . actually I still am. I'm constantly in Evy's face checking for abnormalities. I wouldn't be surprised if she said, "Dang, Mommy, get out of my face. I'm fine, girl!" I've heard such horror stories about them. Some websites say they can even trigger Autism. My Aunt's BFF's son had a baby girl. She was born a completely healthy baby. After her first set of shots, her parents started noticing changes in her. Turns out she had an allergic reaction to the shots and developed Cerebral Palsy. She died at 4 years of age. Poor baby. Just thinking about it makes me want to check on Evy. (She's sleeping. Hold on, I'm going to check on her . . . okay she's fine.)

My heart just breaks thinking about that sweet little girl and her family. It was a terrible situation. I don't want it to happen to my darling. Doctor M tried to put me at ease, but I'm still a little scared. I would love to hear your thoughts on immunizations in your children. To do or not to do? What are the chances our little ones are going to catch "dead diseases" such as Polio, Mumps, or Measles? Are we protecting our children or making it more likely for them to have "reactions" to these shots? So let me know your thoughts. - Oh! I hear Evy. She's having trouble sleeping tonight. I think it's bad dreams. I'm putting on my "Super Mommy" cape to save the day and rock my sweetheart back to sleep. Yeah . . . being a mom is getting way cool these days!


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