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Entry 10 - March 21, 2011
~ My Favorite Little Germ Carrier

Hiya Reader,

Spring is in the air! I hope some warmer weather is too. I'm done with winter. "Let It Snow" somewhere else! But spring isn't the only thing in the air. Readers, I have had it! This is my third freakin' cold since the winter started. What is causing the germ replay? You guessed it! It's my pretty little germ carrier named Evy Anne. I really can't blame Evy for it all. After all, she's in daycare and we all KNOW that daycare plays a hand in the germ game. Those kids spend so much time together, it's no wonder that colds get repeated and repeated . . . and alas repeated. Evy's had four colds since winter began. Seems like too many, but I'm just not sure. Could it be those blasted common cold germs or something else . . . hmmm . . . the mystery deepens.

A few moms have mentioned that it's possible allergies have a lot to do with both Evy and my problem. I try to monitor the pollen, buck weed, seaweed, or whatever they call it on the weather channel, but it's like Greek to me. I have no idea what any of that stuff means. I know I have an allergy to grass and dust, but that's about it. It's possible Evy could have some of the same allergy problems as I did when I was a child. I'm no Donna Reed and Henry is no Mr. Cleaver. We don't clean NEARLY as much as we should. Now don't get it twisted, readers. We ain't dirty. We are a liiiiitle bit "organized" messy though and we don't dust like we should. That could be the problem. Regardless the issue, if Evy comes home with one more cold, I'm taking her to an allergist. Cause one cold is no fun, but five is just plain torture.

Happy Spring!


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