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Entry 12 - June 27, 2011
~ TV Rots The Brain

Hiya Reader,

Evy is 16 months and boy is she showing her true colors! "Temper, temper," I say to my little mama. She just smiles and looks sweetly and then she throws something across the room and BANG! She's falling on the ground in tears. I'd swear up and down that my little one is a bi-polar mess of a child, but she's not . . . she's a TODDLER! OMG! She's a TODDLER! Hide your valuables! Put a lock on the toilet seat! Don't leave anything small and shine on the floor! TODDLER ALERT! Be careful Mamas of the World - don't be fooled. They may look all sweet and cuddly (and they are . . . ) but they are ALSO . . . little crazies who are put on Earth to test every patience in your body. Evy is MY sweet baby, but she's also . . . my NEMESIS!

I'm learning the art of walking away when necessary and I've perfected the art of dropping her off in Daddy's lap when the SCREAM MACHINE is in the house, if you know what I mean. She's a trip! If Evy doesn't like something, she'll throw the worst temper-tantrum . . . and the kitchen sink, if you let her (man she is strong!). She has an amazing personality. She's mostly very happy and independent.

There is one thing I'm concerned about (of course you know I'm concerned about something. I think Evy's watching too much television. Of course all the "parenting experts" say that infants and toddlers shouldn't watch any TV and that it's awful and their brains will rot out of their skulls and so on and so on. Look that's just not practical for me. I love TV. Shoot! When Evy was born, "Family Guy" was my sanity space. In fact Evy let out her first laugh in her sleep during a 2AM episode of Family Guy. LOL! Yeah we love watching television. Besides "Family Guy," Evy spends a lot of time watching Nick Jr. It has great programming for pre-schoolers. The shows are full of learning plans and fun. She loves it. But I am noticing that Evy will sometimes zone out while watching TV. I don't mind her watching the tube, but I think it's not so good before bed so I've started turning the TV off two hours before bedtime. We spend the time playing together and reading books before she goes to sleep. I think it's a good way to bond and hopefully for those two extra hours a night I'll save Evy's brain from certain ruin.


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