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Entry Two - May 2, 2010
~ It's Tough Love so Don't Call Da' People on Me

Hi ya!

It's week 13 and Evy is officially three months old. And what a three months she is . . . I'll tell you, peeps . . . she's three months going on six months. This girl is wise! I honest think Henry and I are starting to spoil her. They (being my Facebook buddies) tell me it's impossible to spoil an infant so I've been "comforting" my little princess. If she cries I pick her up. But I think my baby is running a game on me! Today, for instance, I had to do what my girl Judge Milan on People's Court calls, "a little rough justice." Henry caught the stomach flu yesterday night and he's been sick all day so it's been me and Evy . . . all day (sigh). Henry needed me to make him some broth soup so I put Evy down to work in the kitchen. She starts screaming. Now, there are no tears coming down her face. She just wants to have a fit. So I had a fit too and left her little behind right there in that high chair. Even after I finished Henry's broth, I still left her there. After ten minutes of crying, she fell asleep (smile!). Eureka! By golly, I've got!

I need to start doing that more often rather than holding her all the time. Am I right? Wrong? I love Evy so much, but I just can't hold her all the time. For one thing, it's impossible. Eventually I'll need to use the restroom or make dinner and sometimes Henry just isn't available. It's not like I neglect her or anything. I'm a very attentive mommy and Henry is a super attentive daddy. So I let her cry it out. And it didn't kill her. She went to sleep and the best part was that when she woke up, she still looked at me with that sweet heart-warming gaze. So we'll be practicing a little "rough justice" from time to time. It's a double win: Evy will learn patience and I'll get to rest my achin' wrists. Dang! She's heavy! smile


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