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Entry 3 - June 18, 2010
~ Miss Congeniality

Hi ya!

It's week 20 and my baby is growing so much! She is officially five months old and has more personality than a happy California cow from those commercials. She's totally Miss Congeniality and a social butterfly. She smiles and everyone just turns and laughs and knocks each other down to play with her.

Readers, let me tell you what happened on our flight today from Houston to New York. We went on a family vacation to visit our relatives in Texas and on the way back two women were seated next to Evy and I. Both ladies were totally enamored with Evy. She would smile and they would gush affectionate praises at her. She would giggle and they would squeal with laughter. I needed to retrieve one of Evy's toys from my diaper bag so I asked the lady closest to me if she wouldn't mind holding Evy for me. The woman's eyes got super large and she cooed, "Of course not! Please I would love to hold this sweet little baby." I got my toy, but noticed that Evy wasn't feeling it anymore and enjoyed playing with the nice lady instead. So I let Evy entertain the woman. Well I could see out of the corner of my eye that the chick next to her was itching to hold Evy. She was squirming in her seat and reaching over to clasp Evy's little brown hand. It was so cute! She practically crossed her arm in front of the woman to get to Evy. Of course, my darling is eating up all this attention. So I took Evy from the nice lady next to me and asked the other woman if she wanted to hold Evy. She gasped, "I thought you'd never ask! Please come to me sweetie-pie!" Hahahaha It was so funny . . . I think the women were having more fun with Evy than Evy was having fun with them. It was awesome.

From newborn to infants, she changed so much. Her once bright pink face has now darkened into a golden brown. Her nose is more pronounced and she laughs and giggles so much now . . . It's like a totally different baby! I'm glad for it. She loves to be entertained and can't get enough of the attention we devote to her. Over our family vacation, she even managed to further develop her ability to sit up! YES!!!!! We are overjoyed to the max!

Now comes the sad news: I have to go back to work. I know . . . I hear you reader . . . It totally sucks! I've been away from the office for five months now and I've got to get used to waking up earlier (not that I didn't wake up early before), get all dolled up in business casual suits, wear high heels that I'm not fond of, ride the "NJ Iron Pimp" for one hour to the concrete jungle of NYC, and worse of all . . . take orders from seriously smart brilliant minds whom lack GOD-given common sense to the most simplest problems. Awesome (NOT). Yeah, I'm not looking forward to going back to my job, but my husband Henry got laid off from his job and is currently looking for something. The good news is that he just graduated from college in engineering so at least he has some education to back up his skills. He'll find a job, but in the mean time I'm back to doing what I do best . . . making all the dough! I can't wait to win the lottery and say, "Sayonara Suckas!" to that madhouse! Of course that means I have to play the lottery to win. Well as soon as I learn how to play, I'm going to do it! Or go play some BINGO or something . . . I need a cash infusion. I always tease my friends since Evy has one heck of a strong grip and very strong legs. I say she's going to be the next tennis star like Serena Williams. Don't laugh! My baby can do it . . . she's gonna buy her mama a nice big house in Texas with a Bentley to match!!!! Hahahahah . . . I can't be the only parent who has big dreams for their baby. At any rate, I'll play the lottery and get Evy a racket just to see which big dream happens first!

So it's "Hi-ho, hi-ho . . . it's off to work I go". No problem. But how will I ever have time to spend with Evy? I'm sad she'll see the daycare lady more than me. I'll have to really prioritize my time. I want to be able to spend as much time with my little honey as I can. So for the first time in my life outside of work, I'll have to make a home time management schedule. You know how the day and night can get, readers; you get caught up and soon it's midnight and you're still on the computer. So I'll work on my schedule and let you know how it goes.

Also I wanted to that you guys for emailing me suggestions about sleep habits for Evy. After much discussion, Henry and I have decided to try a no-cry sleep solution for Evy and it's working great! Evy's never had much trouble going to sleep at night anyway, but recently we stopped doing the night feeding and she's naturally going to sleep at 9:30PM and waking up at 7AM. It's awesome! After her bath and story, I lay her down across my knees and she falls right to sleep. Who knows though . . . I could be raising a monster child. I don't know, but for now it's working for all of us and I don't have to hear her crying which is good enough for me. Cause like I said in my pregnancy journal, I can't take no crying baby. They don't make enough Valium for anyone to handle that. smile

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