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Entry 4 - July 26, 2010
~ It's A Bird! It's A Plane! No, It's My Mama!

Hi ya!

Evy!It's week 26 and Evy is six months old! I feel like that guy on the Staples commercials . . . you know, the guys who's like overly excited about all the sales he's getting at an office supply store. It's like, c'mon man, it's office supplies. I work at huge bank in midtown Manhattan where there's tons of office supplies . . . cool supplies like highlighters with post-it notes attached and I don't get that excited man . . . But I totally AM EXCITED! Others think I'm nuts, but I'm freakin' out about my baby girl. Peeps! She can totally sit up now . . . I KNOOOOOOW!!!

Mama, Daddy & EvyEvy is sitting up like a big girl now. She started at 20 weeks. Henry worked to train her back muscles by sitting up cross legged with her in front and putting her favorite toys at a distance so she would want to bend to get them. Plus while we were on vacation in Texas, my mom's friend loaned us a BUMBO. It's the coolest seat for infants with a soft latex type material that helps keep infants sitting up comfortably. Evy loved it so much we got her one at Wal-Mart when we got back to Jersey. I'm grateful for it cause Evy actually found her feet because of it. Another super cute discovery that only mama's can appreciate. All my single/kiddie free gal pals are like "Huh?" . . . They don't get it.

Michelle and EvyBeing a mom feels like I'm part of this elite club. We're all trained for duty with our diaper bags and ready-to-go bottles on hand. When the baby cries, we know just what to do! Daddy looks confused, but US mommies are in control! Sometimes I want to wear a really cool jacket and carry a membership ID, but I think people would think I'm nuts so I decided against it . . . at least for now. But seriously, I do feel very special to be Evy's mommy. She's made me a much stronger person inside and out. She's brings out the best that was always inside of me. Now I'm not so afraid to let that person be heard.

Evy!Henry (my hubby) and I aren't doing so well. It seems like the problems in our relationship were always there, but having the extra responsibility of being new parents has escalated the stress level tenfold. We're trying to find a way to deal with it, but it's very difficult. I'm not sure what will happen, but I know that we both will make decisions with Evy's well being in mind. It's funny because maybe if Evy wasn't born, I would still be an insecure small person who thinks I could never make it in the world without Henry by my side. But now that Evy is here, I KNOW I could . . . and would. Not that I'm scared . . . cause I certainly am . . . but that I must be brave because my baby has no way to protect herself and as her mother, I will do anything to look out for her. We really are superheroes ladies. Once you're a mother you discover all the super powers you never knew you had. It's amazing and I feel blessed every day to be Evy's mama. I know Henry loves being Evy's Daddy too. Even if his powers aren't as cool as mine (just kidding). I hope we can figure it out. Just pray for us to use our super powers to save each other.

Daddy and Evy  Mama and Evy

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