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Entry 5 - August 25, 2010
~ Week 29 - Baby Proof'd

Hi ya!

EvyIt's week 29 and Evy is officially seven months old and getting into everything. You know, for someone who can't crawl yet, she gets around better than my 80 year old Granny Lula Bell... well maybe not better (my Granny is a fire cracker), but it's sure comparable. Henry and I have been trying to baby proof the house, but it's hard. What you think they WON'T get into they DO get into. I never thought Evy could get to the TV stand trays in our kitchen, but sure enough last Sunday while playing in the kitchen (more like launching a counter insurgence against the bulk paper towel bundle), Evy pulled at the stands and one fell pretty close to her. She wasn't hurt, but the sound scared her enough to cry (scared me enough to cry too! )

I'm sure that by the time I'm done writing this entry, Evy will be crawling... now wouldn't that be something? Just in case, Henry and I have decided to baby proof our home. One problem: we're broke. So we've got to do this the Wal-mart way... without actually going to Wal-Mart of course. Hee hee. First thing we did was hide all the cords in the house. Evy is manic about cables. She loves anything wired to stick in her mouth. Henry had some painters tape left over from our last apartment paint job. We used it to cover up all of our electrical outlets within her reach. We also removed moveable object such as books, magazines and miscellaneous objects out of reach. Our coffee table is a junk yard sale waiting to commence. We've got everything but the kitchen sink on that dang table and don't Evy know it! She's tried everything to grab that random hard drive hanging out on the coffee table. You see it has a nifty USB port attached to it - which is baby talk for WIRES! I left her alone for two seconds (okay a few seconds more than two) and when I came back she was using her pink chair to climb up the table -WHOA! Good thing I was only away for a few seconds... So don't assume, Mamas of the World. Babies get into even the unexpected.

EvySpeaking of stepping away... DON'T. Seriously. Never leave your baby unattended. I learned this lesson the "mildly" hard way and got the scare of my life. I left Evy on our bed while I quickly ran into another room to grab more diapers after her evening bath. Of course, I was watching Family Guy at the same time and got distracted. I heard a loud thump and Evy started screaming... I ran back into the bed to find Evy on the floor very close to our solid wood dresser with very sharp edges. I was so scared. Evy was crying and I was freaking out. I think she barely missed the edge (there was no blood), but not by much. Henry had gone to the movies for some R&R and I was on baby duty alone in the house. As soon as I picked up Evy, she immediately started to feel sleepy. I ran to the computer to Google head trauma for infants. It wasn't until I noticed her desperately reaching for my keyboard that I calmed down. That's Evy's favorite game. She loves to type with me on the keyboard. Obviously she was okay enough to play and was just feeling sleepy probably from the exerted energy of the fall and recovery. I gave her some Tylenol just in case and made sure to keep an eye out for her throughout the night just in case. Talk about fear! I was so scared... I'll never leave her alone on the bed again. And you shouldn't either. Pleeeeeease. Sometimes Google is a scary place too. You should have read some of the horror stories of babies who fall off the bed and have these horrible side effects... Yeah not only do you have to watch the babies, but you have to censor yourself with the internet as well. It's enough to give you nightmares either way.


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