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Entry 6 - October 5, 2010
~ Don't You Judge Me!

EvyHi ya,

It's Week 32. Evy's teething. And she's 8 months. She's teething too. She can crawl. That's cool. Oh I'm sorry, did I mention that Evy is teething. Yeah, I haven't gotten a lot of sleep lately. This past week has been hell on wheels . . . and Miss Evy has been driving the bus. She's an amazing baby. Super sweet and happy darling of a child . . . when she's not crying, moaning and clawing at her little jaws. We are exhausted! Evy's been passed around like a football at the Superbowl . . . UGH!

EvyWe've tried all the classics including but not limited to teething rings (hot and cold), a wet wash cloth, a wet wash cloth in a plastic zip lock baggy, magazine paper in a plastic zip lock baggy, ice cubes in a zip lock baggy, an empty zip lock baggy, our very clean fingers massaging her gums, night-time teething crème, and singing. Yes, singing. I know it's weird, but nothing else was working and my lil' mama was so anxious;. I got desperate and started singing to her. She rather liked it, I must say.

EvyAll of these remedies either worked or didn't work long enough to take away the pain. It was difficult for me to give Evy the gum crème. I made the dreadful mistake of not teaching her to open her mouth and say "Ahhhh" while eating so whenever I go towards her mouth she moves away with such speed . . . it's like she's saying, "Mommy, what the heck are you doing? Get away from my face. Kisses are cool, but prying around in my sore mouth is super uncool!" I understand, Evy, but Mommy just wants to help you . . . and sleep thru the night for a change.

EvySo I finally tried the last of the old school home remedies that I'm sure my momma used on me. Booze! Not a lot. C'mon! Don't give me that look. I didn't stick a fifth down her throat! My mom said she used to give me a hint of brandy on my gums to help ease the pain. She said it worked like a charm. So I decided to use it on Evy. I decided to give her some peach rum (since I had some left over for a dessert dish I'd made in the fridge). I placed one frozen peach (from a mixed fruit bag in the freezer) in a dish and poured one tbsp on it. Evy loves frozen fruit and she ate it. Of course I watched her like a hawk just to make sure she was okay. I was so worried, but she ate most of the peach, played with her toys for a bit and was sleepy enough for her to lay down in her crib and snooze off peacefully. And it worked . . . just about as much as the other remedies honestly. She was still up at 3am that morning. Oh boy!

EvySo I guess it doesn't matter that I gave my baby girl a drink to cool off her aching gums and it still didn't work or worked as well as the others. I guess the point of this entry is that as a first time mom, we all get desperate sometime. Needless to say, I haven't given anymore "spiked peaches" to Evy; I was really nervous that peeps would think I was a bad mom for doing this. I was just so desperate to sleep through the night. Well, I suppose I should have thought about that before I decided to tell Henry it was cool since I'm not fertile at all. Ha!

What shall I do about Evy's teething problem? Grin and bear it, I suppose . . . and pull out my Minnelli songbook. Cause I'm all outta Frank!


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