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Entry 8 - December 19, 2010
~ Jingle Bell Rock

EvyHappy holidays to all! I missed you, loyal readers! I know you must be like . . . dang, Michelle, where you been girlfriend?! I know . . . I've been so freakin' busy with work, Evy, and my husband Henry that I haven't been able to write in a while. Plus Evy and I took a Thanksgiving trip to Pflugerville, Texas (seriously the town is named Pflugerville! Ha! Ha! Ha! This really rich guy named John Pfluger bought this town in Texas and decided to name it after himself. Geez. What a narcissist. I bet he's the same guy who names all his kids John too . . . including the girl . . . her name is Johnny Mae . . . men . . . more like men who are super rich, live in Texas, and name a town in honor of themselves . . . but I digress!) I MISSED YOU GUYS TOO!

Michelle and EvyEvy is at week 45 and doing great! She's not walking yet, and I repeat yet, but she's almost there. She gets a little braver and braver every day. Let's see . . . what's the update . . . okay. Evy loves to laugh and play. Her favorite toy is a dancing toy Christmas tree that sings "Jingle Bell Rock." She loves to dance and sing. She even learned how to turn it on. Occasionally I'll catch her dancing and singing to it. She also said her first word about a week ago while my mom was visiting us from Texas (which was a delight for her). Besides "Mama" and "Da Da," Evy can say, "No!" LOL! AWESOME! Now everything is "NO!" "NO! "NO!" . . . It's so cool! Babies are amazing. Their brains are like sponges. They absorb everything! Evy's been studying "Your Baby Can Read" and it's really working! My mom purchased it from Wal-Mart for $89. I KNOW! Such a good price compared to what they're selling it for on television. It's like $300 bucks! But at Wal-Mart, it's only $89. Go get it for your kids because it really works! Evy now knows how to clap her hands and put her arms up on command. She also recognizes her nose and mouth can point to it when shown the word on a card. And that's only two months in! Can you believe it! WooHOO!!

EvySo yes, Evy is on a good track and excelling. Our goal is to have her reading by three years old. I hope so at least. With the economy in turmoil, education is the key to just about everything. We want to give Evy a good head start and to enjoy learning new things. She's only 11 months old, but this is the time to start.

So the holidays are here and it's Evy's first Christmas. I'm sure as new parents, we're supposed to be going crazy with toys and stuff. Yeah . . . that's not happening this year. Evy's a baby! C'mon, she's doesn't even know her name! (okay that was a bad example because Evy knows her name). Look, the point is that Evy doesn't understand the concept of Christmas, Santa, gifts, toys, malls with crowded parking lots . . . etc. My mom gave her a few toys . . . a fun dinosaur rider that she loves and with her Dancing Singing Christmas tree, she's all set. I was feeling sort of guilty for not splurging on my little baby, so I went to Michael's Craft Store and got her some jingle bells in a plastic container. She loves it! According to Evy, I'm the best mommy EVER! Just remember, it's the simple things that babies love around the holidays. Like hugs, kisses, and tons and tons of cheap jingle bells! Shake it baby! Shake it!

Happy Holidays and have a wonderful New Year!

Evy Evy

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